Taking a page from DoTA and fighting overpowered with overpowered. Next update seems promising


No biggie, this is actually pretty cool.


Let’s be honest here: Kraken is straight up broken in several ways; it’s not about being nerfed, it’s about being fixed. Make CC work on him again, his flight speed consistent, and take away his no animation combo exploits, and suddenly he’s not OP. Markov could be made better if they’d just take the “TRAP HERE” highlighting off of his mines, and/or give him some more range or damage on Lightning Gun. The other Medics could be more viable if Heal Burst was more frequent and useful in combat. It’s not even about fighting OP with OP, it’s about getting rid of the unnecessary self-nerfs from some abilities (like: why do bodies even have a timer for Lazarus to revive? They can already be eaten, and will expire within 2 minutes for respawn) and fixing things that don’t work the way they’re supposed to (like Rock Wall).