Taking a break till Wraith is nerfed


Don’t feel like explaining why she is ridiculously overpowered in great detail. I don’t care if you killed her with Abe in the group, not interested in picking around the wraith every game. Speed, insane power, 40% uptime on decoy, incredibly difficult to hit with damaging abilities/weapons, juggles hunters with auto attacks, rids herself of all tethers in miliseconds, kills wildlife incredibly fast. Has PLENTY of HP to tank once she hits 2.

I played many games in Alpha and Beta and I am no stranger to the mechanics of this game including advanced tactics used as both hunters and monsters. This game is not fun right now with the Wraith as she exists.



Dem hips, man.


You can always setup custom games where you don’t have to fight wraith.


My only complaint so far is the Decoy can prolong the match timer even though you didn’t do any damage to the real Wraith, which can stall matches at Stage 3 which is incredibly annoying.


I agree, thats the only problem I have with wraith.


I’m not going to say whether she is OP or not (I’ve been able to kill her, but she is difficult), but I will say that either way she isn’t fun to play against. She flies around, decoys and then just supernova’s you to death without leaving a way to escape. I like hunting a Kraken or Goliath. I don’t enjoy hunting a Wraith. And that is what is most important.


Still torn not saying she is op, but can be a big pain in the butt.