Taking a Break from the Evolve scene

Hey guys, Tatl here. I wanted to make a post explaining some stuff going on in my life and why I might seem missing in the Evolve Scene in the coming week or so. (I will still be casting this Sunday as far as I am aware! Don’t worry, not that gone!) And don’t worry, this won’t be another Reddit novel. No, just a short story :smile:

So, for the past weeks I’ve been sorting out stuff for my future, University and all, and reapplying to change course and university for next year. I’ve just about managed to juggle this with my Evolve addiction and usual 6 hours a day of watching Evolve! And yes… I am straight when I say that number, I lurk. A lot more than people think. :wink:

However, you all know the story. When life gets tough, and you are just about managing, it still manages to save the best for last. Last Sunday, just after the usual ESL Go4Evolve Sunday cast, I got a call from my Dad informing me that my stubborn, ‘Doctors have been telling me for years to stop smoking and drinking’ Grandad was in hospital again for a few days, and wouldn’t be leaving this time. After making plans to visit him the next day to say goodbye, sadly got the call to say he had already moved on.

As much as Evolve is a big part of my life, real life is going to have to take over a bit for the next few days as I help sort out funeral arrangements and make sure my Sister is fine. As for me, I am fine. This is the first family to hit the hay for the last time, and apart from a school friend passing, I’ve not dealt with getting sad about these things before and it kinda just passes over my head until the last moment.

Thank you guys for listening. I’ll still be around, and I’ll definitely be back, but hope you guys can live without me for a few days. (Incoming celebration as everyone gets precious days of not listening to my senseless drivle.)


I’m sorry for your loss.

My thoughts are with you and your family. I recently lost my grandma, and I understand how sometimes you just have to take a break and make sure that not just you, but your family as well, are still moving forward. I know I can’t offer much other than condolences, but I’m sure I speak for everyone in the Evolve family when I say we’re here for you and will be here when you get back!


Take your time you dedicate a lot and I’m sure everyone will understand. I’m sorry for your loss.


So sorry, Tatl. I’m sending you a big Turtle Rock hug. We’ll miss you, but like @LadieAuPair said, we’ll be here when you get back and there shall be trumpets upon your return…or something.



The Herd will share a moment of silence for you and your grand dad. Life is more important than lurking :slight_smile: Lemme know if there is anything I can help with :smiley:


Damn, I’m sorry for your loss Tatl, don’t really have anything other to say than condolences. Hope the nice things people say in the thread will cheer you up a bit ^^


I’m sorry for your loss, Tatl. My condolences. Wel’ll indeed be here to try and cheer you up when you get back.

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Best wishes tatl, it’s never easy but hopefully taking this time together will help you all grieve. See you when you’re back

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Good luck to you and your family during this difficult time. Stay motivated.




My condolences sir. Take your time and be with your loved ones. Make sure they are all well and moving forward. Take care of yourself as well. It’s never easy to go through. I’ve been there as well as many others here on the forum.

If you need anything, or just want to chat send me a message. I’m always around. As are the rest of us here in this forum. We are family here.

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