Take Two Attempts To Shut Down A Project That Wanted To Bring The Original Red Dead Redemption To PC


It’s a fucking PC port, the game’s not out on PC, it’s also pretty fucking old, 2K is gonna lose like 2 sales from this. There’s greed and then there’d fucking bullying.


It IS their IP…I mean it’s not completely unbelievable that they would want to protect it.


Yeah but this is like me protecting my laptop from a single drop of water that’s nowhere near my keyboard.

The issue is if they ever decided to port it, it hurts their sales.

Companies care about money. Don’t hurt future investment opportunities.


Not really.

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Maybe they have plans to bring the original to the PC, via their new games launcher https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/rockstar-games-launcher

Yeah if they are being pretty anal about it then they had plans to bring it to PC eventually, so they gotta protec teh monies.

If they aren’t bringing it to PC anytime reasonably soon then they are being cucks about it which… what else is new?

It’s their property. It’s not evil of them to do with it what they choose. Criticize them for their actions as you will, but insulting them like that here isn’t necessary.

It is frustrating to see, yes. I just hope there’s still a chance to see RDR2 come to PC one day.


If they will ever port it (which they won’t), they can ask to take down THEN. Right now they are trying to a fix a problem that doesn’t exist yet (and never will).

But by the time they take it down how many people will have already played it and won’t feel the need to play it again “robbing” them of their money?

It’s not about if they will or won’t. It’s about protecting property. If they don’t protect their properties they actually lose grounds to do so in future cases in the eyes of the courts. It’s a common problem that used to happen more frequently and that’s why these companies are so strict now.