Take-Two/2K made more money last year


Take-Two had a better fourth quarter (fiscal) due in part to Evolve. Was just interesting to read this from Gamespot.

Here is the article-

Glad to hear that they gave credit where credit is due.


Tier 6 confirmed


Need. That’s some publicity, albeit small publicity but some none the less. Maybe anybody reading that article will look the game up?


You know what would help sell Evolve just a bit more?

More free weekends


For sure, but they should wait to do those free weekends until TU9 comes out and they have a solid game to present.


They’d make more money if they’d realize the beasts in the multiplayer only field are F2P.


I’ve spent no money on any F2P’s, and over 120$ on evolve alone. Just me.


I’ve spent roughly ~$100 on League of Legends and I’ve spent ~$120 on Evolve.

There are three very important player bases that keep F2P games alive.

The first is the player who will play the game nearly every day or at least ~10 hours a week. These are the players you want to give incentive to keep playing. You do this by slowly rewarding them. League did this for years with their IP system allowing you to purchase their new champions, and various other cosmetics (not skins). Recently they’ve brought in a mechanic similar to crates in CSGO in which if you play the game enough you’ll be able to get RNG skins.

Your goal is to always keep these players happy. You want them to feel rewarded enough to keep playing your game while also slowing their progress enough, so they don’t unlock everything at once so they keep playing your game. They’ll slowly give you money over the time they play, but they aren’t your cash cow. They are here to keep hype always around your game. They’ll be the ones who will discuss the game when they aren’t playing. They’ll be the ones to tell their friends how cool the game is. Basically if you make them happy they’ll want other friends to play the game with them, so they can also enjoy the game.

The second is going to be your largest group, but not your main source of revenue. This is your super casual player. They may play 10 hours in a month. They’ll pop on every now and again to have some fun, but they don’t love the game to the point where it’s part of their daily life. This is where it’s important that you land your mechanics correctly. The game needs to be simple enough that these players can still have fun (LoL/DoTA/CSGO all have very basic champions/heroes/weapons that can be used with great impact even with low skill). It needs to be fun so this is the game they find themselves keep coming back to.

Now you make money off of them by how hard it is to actually obtain cosmetics/characters. You have to make it seem fair enough that it’s obtainable but far enough away that they just want to pay for it instead. This is so the player doesn’t feel cheated and like they have to waste money on the game in order to have fun. A good balance most games have is for a guaranteed drop it takes roughly 12-15 hours of game time to unlock and for RNG items roughly 3-5 hours (you have to limit these heavily by a week/monthly lock so your dedicated playerbase doesn’t get their items quickly through RNG). Once you’ve done this most of these players will drop $5 every now and again to get that next cool thing the game has to offer. It’s such a low amount of money that they don’t really even think about it.

The third is your die hard fans. They are the ones who will simply buy everything you throw at them. Studies in the mobile market show this is roughly 1% of your overall population. They will use cash to buy everything from boosts->skins->characters. This is your main source of revenue and your smallest pool of players. Your goal is to always keep content coming out for them to enjoy while also doing your best to not piss them off (not giving the casual/hardcore players content too easily/quickly so your cash feels useless).

If you keep all three groups happy your game will keep growing until it explodes into the beasts we see in the F2P market.