Take out Reavers in Arena Mode Poll & Mammoth poll Below

  • Yes, take Reavers out
  • No, Let them be

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I hardly mind the Reavers.

It’s the bloody Mammoth Birds that are the real pests.
Be it Hunt, Arena or Rescue for all I care. They’re always lurking…

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Mammoth bird performed a double kill on me and @MrTalha the other day. It cost us the game. xD


They once did a triple kill and almost the fourth to my team.


See? Mammoth birds are the real monsters here.

Lol I have proof


Oh Yea and that

  • Take out mammoth birds
  • let the annoying birds be

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How I feel when I get killed by mammoth birds

so entertaining :blush:

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lol fighting a behemoth just now and it ran away with like 1 hit point from dieing and a mammoth bird zapped him and died -------- so funny :joy:

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It’s funnier when they roll into them XD

HAHAHA IKR Happens every single time in arena! — Bird is like, “get out of my way fu”

If you start removing wildlife of any kind, Monster will need to start with full armor.


Wait, when you say “take out” do you mean remove from the game or kill them? I thought you meant the latter when I first read it.

Take it out, none for monster or hunter

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