Take elite wild life out of ranked


Please take elite wild life out of ranked it completely unbalances the game. I’m sure that a majority of the community will agree with me. Elite wild life is always turned off in tournament play and it should be in ranked too


There’s actually been a few recent discussions of this same topic.

Here’s one of them:

But so far the dev’s have stated that they have no intention of removing them entirely. But they have hinted at big changes coming soon. So we’ll have to wait and see.


I mean, just take it out of hunt. Having it in customs shouldn’t be a big deal. Perks are too much of a game changer and it’s easier for monsters to find them.


I disagree and really who gives a $%^& what they do in tournaments? Who says they’re right anyway? I think it’s stupid to take them out of anything. Just seems like more Hunter whining to me.


I don’t care about tournaments either, but for Hunt 2.0, the ranked mode, they can be very game changing and many players don’t like that. It can stay in quick play, but for ranked, it sucks when you’re winning the whole time, then one side picks up the damage buff or damage resist, then the whole game turns on its head. They were even stronger before if you were there for it. 35% damage increase holy damn.


They aren’t randomly placed though they’re always in the same spots so there’s an element of skill to it for both sides.


However it then becomes a race to see who can get to it first. A game shouldn’t be decided by luck.


That’s not luck it’s a choice. You can’t have all the buffs at once and the monster is taking a chance by searching for them before the Hunters drop due to that being very precious time. After the Hunters drop they can get whatever they want.


Monsters don’t like them either.


However if you don’t kill every buff as a monster you will have to deal with the possibilities of buffed hunters later. The hunters can easily steal a buff. Monster not so much.


They should remove the Buffs from the hole Game… No one need this.

OR atleast make the Buffs spawning later in game so the Monster cant rush it while hunters are dropping… Every good Monster know the exact locations…

Last time on Orbital Drill there was a friendly birds buff right behind me ar the game start…


As a monster player I like to get one last buff before the final fight. Example power relay…both sides can get the buff. Getting rid of buffs wouldn’t be fair. Cause as a hunter you have health regen. As a monster you have armour regen. Everyone knows once The monsters health is hit, there’s no way of getting it back unless you have a buff. If getting rid of buffs is the way. Than monsters player should have health regen as a perk as well as a hunter. Instead of armour regen.


A team could choose to go perk hunting, but then that would be time wasted hunting the monster. It’s not a gurantee that a team can hunt the monster while finding perks as they go.



Nope I don’t want them either (monster player)


That’s what I said :stuck_out_tongue:

@Wanderwulf sounds to me like they might make buff spawn locations random? Perhaps even make it so that the buffs themselves are either;

  1. Less likely to appear on the map (and less buffs per game)
  2. Can appear on more random creatures (less likely) but still with only 1 instance per game.

Also I don’t believe anything Wanderwulf said was flag worthy…? I’ve seen people say the similar before and not be flagged. It’s his honest opinion in the way that buffs/nerfs work. I think the correct response would be to tell him of what goes into these kinds of decisions and the information that TRS look at when considering the course of action to take. A little disappointing, imho.


Yeah no one wants them haha. The perk you pick in the beginning is enough


HP regen rarely makes much of a difference for a monster, DR helps FT3 monsters (hunters don’t have the luxury of hunting for it, because they need to get as many domes as they can before the monster evolves further, or it will be a tougher S3 engage), MS/JPR helps hunters SO damn much in keeping pressure and preventing feeds, especially if they’re running the other mobility perk.

I’d much prefer they were removed from Ranked, or if they made changes so that they were less frequent in games, and spawned in more random areas.


I agree, they always spawn on the same damn location. So easy to find.


Either way, cut buff duration by half. They should not last 5 minutes.