Take a break option flaw


I love how the game implements this in case of you have priorities mid round and also how it kicks you out of the game when taking a break too long. But one major flaw it has that I would love to be removed is when a person is absent starting from the character selection screen and it takes them over at the start of the game it prevents them from being kicked. This allows trolls to just join lobbies leave for a good hour and screw up any hunters unfortunate enough to join the game cause of a permanent AI teammate. Can this get fixed please?


I do think there needs to be an option for voting to kick someone after a total X amount of minutes spent idle. I think TRS is probably working on it now, as a lot of people have complained about this.

But, I don’t think they should just kick people as soon as the game starts if they are idle. Sometimes in the mornings I ready up then do a mad rush to grab coffee from the kitchen before the game starts. Usually I end up being idle for maybe 10-15 seconds at the start in this case, then I’m back :stuck_out_tongue:


I always send messages to these type of players… not the nice kind


I ran into one guy intentionally abusing Hanks AI with idle. He was playing normally all match during the chase, as soon as we went into dome he would idle. If anyone has ever played bot hank you know he never misses a shield or orbital. Landing them where you will be for max damage. As soon as dome went down he was playing normally.

Figured he had stuff to do but he repeated it for several domes and at least 3 matches until i decided to leave.


What version of the game do you have? Because bot Hank prematurely shoots off orbitals faster than a 16 year old virgin.


This was last version before that 2.0 patch that ps4 just got. I’d imagine it would still work for godly timed shields though.


I would like to be able to seize control of my idle team mates, why shouldn’t I be able to take over their bot if they aren’t going to, it already is able to kick you back to your normal class if someone joins mid match, so why can’t it work for idle players the same way.