Tactics to deal with PaPa


New medic is out and boy does he seem powerful, its really changing up the game play and that is always a good thing.

He seems to have the best parts of Slim, Caira, and Parnell, and no seemingly useless kit at all!

In the few games i have played against him its been hit or miss thus far, mostly miss.

I see his weakness as being he can only heal team mates or himself, not both at the same time, but its not as big a weakness as it sounds.

So PaPa has to swap weapons to change between self and team heal, go for him when he team heals and the team when he self heals right? Wrong.
Why wrong? Well he has some armor that lasts an incredibly long time and allows him to focus you while you focus him and provide himself a constant stream of healing bursts at an increased rate while he is shielded.

So fine, just like RVal just leave him for last right? If his self presservation is so high surely his team heals can not be too difficult to overcome, right? Wrong again friendo. His individual team mate heals are probably the strongest in the game and require very little aim as the AOE is fairly massive with a fire rate that is slightly obscene.

Ok fine, maybe spread the damage around for awhile and see what happens? Yeah not really working out so far, the AOE of his team heals combined with even a little of support shields is frustrating, add in a sunny or hank with not only burst shields but sustained shields too and you have an exercise in futility.

So what have I come up with as a solution until his inevitable stream of nerfs?

-Much like Assault you need to focus him for several rounds of abilities until he pops super shields. Then leave him alone to rehealth himself and his team mates completely (The duration of the 15 second super shield)
Once his super shield expires you need to focus hard and you can take him down “IF” there isnt a hank or Sunny that is.

-The other option is just run and make them split to catch you, try to pick off other characters before PaPa gets there, when he shows up run away again. If you can down assault or Support before PaPa gets home you gonna be having a party for sure.

Besides that i havent determined the best way to deal with this guy, he is an ultra medic that is for sure, half tank, half Assault, half combat medic.

What are your experiences as or against PaPa? What takes you down when you are him, what lets you take him down when you face him?

How would you rate his:

-Self Preservation?
-Team heals?
-Self heal?
-Vs the other medics?

Its too new to be called OP, but I do feel his super shield lasts a little too long. Curb that and maybe reduce all his ammo by 1 shot each and he will be in a real good spot I think.

As a bonus what is his most advantageous comp you noticed so far?



Can not be tactic parnell thread without my advanced tactic plan to deal with him.

He is average medic so I rate him 5/10 in everything.
q caira<rogue val<caira<PP<val<lazarus<emet<slim


I made a post about this but I will reply the same. The trick is in his righteous fury. The attack spped, reload, and added defense make him able to save himself and his teammates from hist about anything if he lands his shots. PP is interesting because he really is like an assault in that how well he performs depends on how well you aim. Let us, for the sake of theorycrafting, assume that the paladin you play against is super boss and lands every single shot. If that is the case you will NOT be able to kill his team when fury is up and certainly won’t be able to kill him. How then do you win against this super win button? The answer is to make him use it when it is least effective. This is early in the dome when his team is at full health. See a good pally will know to hang onto his fury. He will only pop it when the monster is about to down a teammate or himself. The longer he holds onto it, the more it punishes the monster. His damage output is really high in fury too BTW. Thus the counter to him is just like og parnells super soldier. As soon as the dome comes down, or before it does if you ambush, focus pally. A good one will try to hold of with his jetpack and shotgun/heal burst for as long as possible so as to give his team a chance to save him thus holding onto fury. This is why you need to combo him before the team has fully set up. After he pops it…just run. Avoid him, hide behind shit, jist be squirlly for 15 seconds. After this he is vulnerable and so is his team. If there is no one to mega heal with his redonk firerate you aren’t losing all that ground. Once this ability is wasted he is a lackluster medic who cant outheal your dps if you combo well. You have a 30 second window to down whoever…likely him or the support.