Tactics and Stategy in Evolve


Hello fellow Hunters

So as a former L4D and L4D2 player, I know this game will evolve into something a little more strategic than what it is currently.

As with the aforementioned games, the first few days of playing are simply learning how to get the basics down, level up your profile and get each of the roles for all 4 classes. But this is just the beginning of Evolve. As the coming weeks will show, this game will come down to planning out attacks with your hunters in advance, with teams working on specific combos of classes/roles to get the best out of the match.

A good example from L4D, is the burning Hotel and the starting position of the 4 players vs the 4 zombies walking into a small narrow hallway. For the first few days/weeks of playing there was no real plan of attack, just random attacks by the zombies. But as players learned the map, learned the roles and moves of the zombies, those attacks become much more thought out. Once this happened, it literally changed the game. Most if not all the players were capped and killed in this hallway and the match ends.

For Evolve, I believe we will see the same sooner, rather than later.

Right now we are playing the hunting and waiting game. We both spawn into the arena, the monster moves as quickly as possible to get away, while the hunters do their best to find tracks and start hunting. A simple game of cat and mouse then ensues, until the monster evolves 2 times and then the roles switch.

What I foresee happening, is simple. We the hunters will develop game plans for attacking the Monster before the evolution stages.

This could be simple plans to well thought out attacks. The simple attacks that I am going to work on, if I can get a Mic’d team are going to plan ahead and depending on the team we have can place a trap for the monster.

Think about how you as a player, play as the monster. Think about the map you are in, would you as the monster try to eat out of the middle of the arena, or do you go to the edges and eat and run, take few long jumps and eat some more, etc. So with that in mind, if you the Hunters (again with the right group of hunters) can think ahead, and assume the monster is looking for a good place to run and eat, you can move ahead of his travel line and put a trap in place.

What I would like to do with this forum topic, is to make a page for us to put thoughts into planned attacks, see what works and what does not. There is no right or wrong response as all will be looked at and learned from.

A simple plan - One of the first and easiest traps we can set is in a good corner of the map that allows for a high ground for the hunters and possible a carnivorous NPC animal in the area, preferably near a large pool of water as it will slow the monster down and allow the NPC to attack. Think what your Trappers can do, how can they put down spikes to find the monster, how can they lay down traps/harpoons ahead of time, working with a DPS to place mines in a single location for the monster to walk through. Have your medic in a good spot to heal and fire the sniper rifle shots off to get more damage. Think about turrets and placement, think about where you can place them with out the monster hitting them but still being effective. Again this is just a simple, quickly discussed attack pattern that you can use with PUG’s or a good group to start. Think about what you do for a Defend MAP and use that same strat in an open world area not around the power plant. This is where the real meta game comes into play.

Have a MIC and be willing to chat with new teammates.
Someone has to be the leader, why not you?
Think simple when you are with a PUG team, think complex when you are with a good group.
Plan ahead on players and what class runs best with other classes.

Thanks for the long read, I hope this becomes an ongoing forum page that will be a great place for us to share info and ideas.



So i think i will leave 1 or 2 thoughts here early experience so far from me.

First thought:
Most Monster player tend to run around the edge of the map so it is a good call to have one or two people going slightly more middle and not following the footsteps, mostly i would say not the trapper more a job for the support or medic.

Second Thought
A good tactic for goliath or a slow kraken and a normal not too experienced player who leaves traces on the map all over and tends to eat very soon:
Use Cairas Speed Boost at the Beginning and dash after that guy, if the monster is not quick enough you will encounter it very soon without much shield and in stage one. Now it is just a job for the trapper and assault to kill the guy quick and keeping it from running around (who does what should be obvious höhö)

Third Thought
Caira Speed Buff is also very good if the dome is down and the monster tend to run away you can chase it. So you don’t lose sight right after it goes away.

Fourth Thought
Don’t always attack on sight especially if the trapper is not near you except you know you can force him into the trapper but thats a lot of koordiantion for PuG so…

Fifth Though
Never fight near Water or with a big npc monster in your dome, generelly try to avoid that and be careful of where to fight sometimes it is wiser not to use a dome as soon as you can. Water is for you as a player a huge disadvantage as is the npc monster because they tend to attack you and every monster even the goliath can get easy away from a big monster but the hunter has more problems with them, remember some skills are knockback skills. Also Water does slow the Monster but you can’t attack in water and the jump from goliath is enough to get very far very quickly and kraken or wraith don’t really care about water and again hunter and water is a very bad combination

Last Thought again about the monster:
Remember that Especially if there is a huge pillar monster tend to try to outsmart you, if they know that you are on them they sometimes tend to use huge pillars to make a U-Turn instead of going around the edge of a map

So those are some of my thought after day one and except for the rush tactic with caira i have no real tactic right now sry ^^

Good Hunting Vulpaex


Reply to your comments Vulpaex,

  1. Seems like a lot of players are finding new ways to find the monster faster. Splitting into two man teams seems to be a popular way to spread out. Though the suggestion is to pick a direction and have both teams in tandem going parallel to a location to cover more ground, but still be able to provide back up should they encounter the monster.

  2. Have not gotten to Caira, but almost there so I can add more comments to this soon. But at this point there are not to many new players to monsters and they seem to move quickly now.

  3. Good idea using Caira as a speed burst tracker after shield goes down.

  4. Good suggestion, but that should be pretty common knowledge by now.

  5. See I like to use the NPC monster, while you tend to avoid it. Open to debate on this.

  6. Great idea for the monster, I use this often and use stealth to hide tracks.


Very nice thoughts so far,
but for the first point i would say that the trapper should be one of the players in the middle so he can cut off the path of the monster.
its hard to get in range for a dome if u chase the footprints.


@ Torben,

Guess that depends on who your trapper and who is your support. Say I have Bucket and Abe, I would have bucket in the middle using the UAV, while Abe places spikes in the middle paths that creature will cross.

From there players, should look at cutting the monster off, not trailing after it as the monster for the most part will be faster.


Most people in comp are doing these hunter compositions:

Markov (exclusively)




Small maps - Markov, Val/Caira, Hank/Cabot, Griffin/Abe

Large maps - Markov, Val/Caira, Hank/Cabot, Maggie

From there on out it’s a toss up from what you should do and how you handle situations.
Split is - Support Trapper (for cloaking domes) and Assault Medic


Do you mind go over why most comp players are using this setup. Please describe what perks and powers you are using as combos. Maybe add what you are doing to start matches would be a great help.

+1 for good post.


If you don’t mind, @L1nk .

Markov keeps the hurt on. All times. He’s the most reliant Assault out of all three - No missing with rockets, only a constant lighting gun dealing damage. Plus mines to prevent the Monster from attacking critical teammates (determined by the current situation).

Laz is a high-risk play up high. His cloak can become next to useless because of good monsters. He also brings little utility outside of healing - his 1.5x marks are numerous, but require him to reveal to shoot and a good Val is going to do the weakspots tbingy better.

Bucket is highly problematic in terms of provided advantages. Against a good monster, the turrets are not going to dish out that much damage because of being stationary. Plus, Barrage and Amp are much more precise - Barrage denies an area, while Amp is guaranteed damage.

All trappers are valid as you see.

Now, the MAST is a basic split tactic - support is cloaking trapper who’s cutting off the Monster while Medic and Assault are making sure it’s not getting away. This is sometimes switched up because of Caira - Adrenaline is the brute force varuant that allows for a quick close-in.

As for combos, I can post that later. Battery’s dying.


Yep @LaggerCZE is right on the money :smile: