Tactical Retreats: Opinions


Where do you all stand on tactictal retreats as hunters? Say you have 2 left, low health, and your getting wrecked. Is it ‘acceptable’ to split up and run from the monster to stall out for a dropship?

How do you feel when you win/lose a time over game?
Dear Support - Be ready to run!
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I think so. You need to watch for the plants though.


I book it. If I know for a fact I will be last alive, I just get out of there. I have won games as support by tactical cowardice.


Haha i actually posted this because i won a game doing this as a support and was told i was ‘the worst support ever’ for doing it :joy:. Just wanted to see how the rest of the community felt about the topic



My new favorite phrase! :laughing:


It is viable especially if it allows the rest of the team to respawn.

There is no honor or cowardice in fighting. Just winners, losers and those who are left.


I actually had one the other day where as hank I got away and the kraken had like no health but orbital was not up, and I was barely able to keep him off the real (it was one hit from done), my team spawns, the kraken starts running, I yolorbital and win the game


My new phrase.


This thread is gold.


I need to trademark these words.


I love everything about this thread, from it’s hilarity, to it’s tactical cowardice.

@Ginge, @xxjstudxx, you two win the forums.


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Lemme try making one…

Ayy Lm-ines?


Support is AMAZING as last man standing. Especially in moments like this https://account.xbox.com/en-us/gameclip/09632e25-0902-48e9-a0b0-ed9c00c9ac12?gamerTag=RidgyAxe&scid=03a80100-9ff3-46ea-be76-e00e7fe465df It’s ot spam, but a game I had that was amazing


You’re getting there


Solid Snake: Sir, the Russians are hiding nukes!
Random General: Snake, I want you to enforce code 2919230183-01831
Solid Snake: Are you sure?
General: I am positive this is the best plan.
Snake: Operation Tactical Cowardice is a go!


Remember, it isn’t retreating. It’s just advancing in the opposite direction.


If the monster can do it why can’t we? I’ve saved the game multiple times like this I’ve even survived by myself for up to three drop ships in one game


So now lets get everyones opinions on ‘yolorbitals’, yay or nay here? :joy:


Nay its already got a name “Hanked”


Or, as Monty puts it: