Tactic Against Behemoth on Dam


Climbing on the high smoke stacks left of the power relay really screws with Behemoth, he can only tongue snatch, but it’s easy to get back on after the pull. All his other tactics are nullified due to the stacks height and he simply falls over should he attemtp to climb them. Haven’t lost a single game vs Behemoth here due to this strat.

Works on Goliaths as well, good luck with Wraiths or Krakens though…


My fissure will make you regret standing in the same spot for too long.


Fissure rarely climbs it :stuck_out_tongue: Too much change in height from base level to smokestacks for the fissure to be effective.


I’ll just throw a lava bomb up there and watch you either come to me or BURN :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly, this is a jerk move and kills my gaming session when it happens to me. Behemoth is already having a tough time being a slow pile of rocks, this is just rubbing it in his face :frowning:


Dude, seriously, this is a BANE for behemoth. Sure you could theorize here in the safety of chat but the I’m sorry to say in practice that just doesn’t work. Lava bombs are aoe in terms of damage minus the initial explosion, you simply head on over to another smokestack or have medic heal ya.


Are you on ps4? If so I’d like to prove you wrong


Unfortunately no, on Xbox One.


I know this isn’t a very valid point, but try to pick your monsters based on the map that you are playing, not the monster you want to play. If you know a map is very hard for a monster, it might be a better idea to pick another monster.

At this moment, behemoth is only viable against pugs because you can mess up their uncoordinated fooling around. A good team will toy you around till you die. We never lost against Behemoth. We did a custom once with Laz + Bucket for lolz and we did lose then because we all got trapped trying to jump in front of the Behemoth. So yeah… The monster needs a fix.


I’ve never needed to do a stage 3 relay fight on the dam (I either win at stage 1 or 2, or lose), but I’d probably take at least level 2 rock wall (at stage 3, not before), and constantly chip at the relay while its up, then hide behind the relay when the wall falls down. Repeat. Unless they have cabot, this strat should work fine.

Fusion plant is MUCH worse than the dam. It has the same pillars they can hide on, and 4 angles of attack they can attack you from when you go for the relay, before retreating back to the shield drone on pillar cheese outside. edit: Fusion plant should be a bit easier when they decrease the cast time/bugs with wall, since you’ll be able to block the hunters from retreating to the pillars


Makes sense, best to think of it like an FPS game, pick sniper in wide open maps or shotgun in closed small maps.

You should make tactical options based on the map.


Thank you, finally someone see it!


esvban is doing it right. im playing behemoth the same way if the relay-fight comes.
you can hit the relay while hiding behind your wall.
this really works well


That would work, but your talking of only hitting the relay when you have a rock wall.


someone tried this tactic on me but I had 3 points in rock wall so I could hit the relay for ~10 seconds at a time. I won.


fissure ignores height, it will go all the way to the bottom of the map in CW and P (the defend map).
you on pc? if so add Behemoth and we’ll see how well the smoke stacks work XD


On Xbox One unfortunately…