T7 Hunters in detail


Now before I even begin, I know what you’re thinking. “Woah Ganek, slow down. Don’t you mean T5 hunters revealed?” Well, technically I’m not actually revealing jack all, but it made you click the link didn’t it. Secondly, let’s not kid ourselves here. With the amount of work/effort/time/motivation/sleep-deprivation/coffee that goes into each hunter, I suspect the devs at TRS are well past the concept stage of the actual T5 hunters; with character models being polished off as we speak and Matt going over his dropship dialogue again and again until the words have blurred together on the screen.

Okay so they’re ideas for T6 Hunters then?” Well I considered that one, but what with the number of ideas that are already out there, I figured the Dev’s have probably already considered what they want to do next as well. To be honest after seeing all of the communities’ submissions, I nearly didn’t put my own forward. You know what they say about too many chefs and all that. But, hey, here they are anyway for you all to pick apart I might as well contribute something right? :stuck_out_tongue:

So without further ado, here are the fully fledged hunter concepts!

Concept base:

You can’t just create hunters in Evolve, this isn’t a game like LoL or Dota where an endless parade of characters can pass through a battlefield without anyone batting an eye. With the lore that exists we have here a living world, they need to have an insertion point, a reason for being there, motivations for staying. Real people don’t just head into these sorts of situations on a whim. So, working with the story information that @Matthew has already provided I gave them a reason. We know that Cabot was recruited as a scapegoat should something go wrong with the planets safe keeping. “they can say ‘wasn’t our fault! We hired the best!’”

But then, being realistic, hiring one man and setting him a limited budget wouldn’t do much to actually accomplish what it was Nordita were hoping to achieve (especially considering it was heavily hinted that it had nothing to do with planet taming and more to do with planetary defence). Personally, I find it’s always best practice to have a backup plan and knowing that there were other teams out there other than the Leading Edge (Cabot himself mentions there are better, more experienced hunters than the team he recruits) I don’t think it’s too far fetched to assume Nordita would look to bring in a little extra hired help of their own.

Cabot hired the people he did, because he didn’t trust Nordita. What if he had? What teams would Nordita have endorsed and what would they be like as hunters?

That’s the basis for the concept. A more specialised highly trained set of professionals, whom live purely for the hunt. Unlike the rag-tag band of scientists, soldiers, engineers and hermits currently aboard the Laurie-Anne; this is a group whom have dedicated their lives solely to the hunt. As such, they break the mould of the current hunters skill sets (see below). They’re darker characters, because unlike Cabot’s team whom are on Shear to save lives, or the T4 survivors whom are here purely trying to survive the invasion. This crew is here for nothing more, than the challenge of the kill.


Name: Daytro
Age: Late 20’s.
Ancestry: Romanian

As with all trappers, Daytro’s appearance is quite casually clothed, with little more than a pair of loose pants and an open jacket. His clothes are breathable, light and, in more than a few places, torn a plenty. Daytro carries the look of an old fashioned ranger, the furs from his hunts hang around his shoulders and a trophy hook hanging from his belt is a constant grim reminder of his profession.

Sleek in build with a body frame suited for speed, not strength; he is unsettlingly a man completely average in size and looks. He wears at all times a stone faced expression that betrays only a wicked smirk at the sight of prey. With his unkempt beard and messy ponytail, his dirty demeanour betrays his rough lifestyle amidst the creatures of the wilderness.

His gear consists of a Kukri knife strapped to his chest as his melee weapon of choice (even though no one uses these :P). Resting beneath the small of his back hangs a small quiver of arrows while his compound bow rarely ever leaves his hands.


Daytro believes patience in all things is the surest path to victory. Not to go in loud with all guns blazing but to stalk your quarry and end the battle in a single strike. His focus is to learn from the monsters, not scientifically but rather their habits, their instincts, what it is that makes tick. When in combat, Daytro reacts to the monsters of Shear not with anger, but rather as though the pair are playing a game and he has now been challenged to simply do something better. “Hmmm nice moves, how about mine?” “You missed! Let me show you how it’s done!” “Quiet. I’ve found the monster. It’ll make a fine addition to my collection.”

Skill set:

Traditionally trappers have a skill that deals damage, one that slows the monster and one to track it. Daytro differs, in that rather than making it easier to trap the monster by slowing it; he has a skill that makes it easier for him to sneak up on the monster to get within trapping range.

Daytro’s Bow comes with two types of arrows, both of which are fired similarly to Torvald’s mortars. At close-mid range the impact point is guaranteed. At longer ranges the attack path can be arched to increase the distance up to a set maximum. As with all bows, instead of having a point and click mechanic when firing, the bow must be drawn back first. The amount the arrow is drawn back affects both the flight distance and damage dealt to the monster. The weapon is unique amidst range attacks as it is completely silent when firing.

  1. Broadhead arrows: Vicious arrow heads designed to rend even the thickest hides. As the Mastery of the skill is increased the weapon increases the damage dealt.

  2. Mechanical arrows: Designed with rotary blades that lodge in the monsters hide and gouge open a wound. Upon impact the arrow head causes a bleeding effect debuff on the monster. Aside from the lesser attack stat of his primary skill this skill also inflicts negligible damage over time through armour. The true purpose is not the damage dealt but that while the monster is under the bleeding debuff Carrion birds are attracted for every kill made; providing a more natural style of trail to follow. As the Mastery of the skill is increased the debuff duration is increased.

  3. One with Nature: Rather than having an ability with a timed cool down, this is a state change for Daytro to a stealth gameplay mechanic. It takes time to change into the stealth state (Cool down gauge emptying) but can be exited immediately if attacking becomes a preference (Gauge refills). Every time Daytro attacks the cool down resets, meaning he must wait after attacking before he can access the state again, this in turn prevents players from popping in and out of a hidden state during monster fights. Daytro shoulders his bow, he masks his scent from the monster and uses his nimble skills to muffle his footsteps (Jetpacks remain unaffected the same as with any cloaking abilities for other hunters and the hunter is fully visible as this is not invisibility). His aggro radius to wildlife is reduced and his movement speed is increased. The idea is that Daytro can hunt the monster, alert the others to its location and arrange an ambush. The danger is that going off alone can be treacherous and it’s often important to question who’s hunting whom? As the Mastery of the skill is increased the skill increases Daytro’s speed buff while cloaked.

  4. Mobile Arena: Standard Trapper gear.

Interactions with existing characters?

D: Hank, I heard you saying that Maggie survived what happened on Factor, is that right?
H: Yeah. That’s right.
D: It was, like this?
M: The monsters?
D: Hmm.
M: Yeah. Though from what she’s said about it, there was all sorts of shit on Factor we ain’t even seen round here yet.
D: This sounds like a great privilege, to hunt beasts no other man has even seen.
M: Privilege? No son, she still has nightmares about that hell hole. Ones she can’t seem to shake.


Name: Seraph
Age: Early 30’s
Ancestry: Hungarian

Looking like somewhat of a mixture between Kiko and Raven from the original concept art drawings, Seraph stands at around 7ft tall and is donned in heavy armour, that armour in turn is clad in the bones of fallen prey as a form of additional plate protection. Imagine an old style knight, their helm with nothing more than a visor slit revealing her only features; her cold eyes. Atop is adorned the skull of lesser Crowbill Sloth, hung to one side of her hips are twin blades, seemingly also fashioned from the remains of some greater beast. Strapped to each thigh, an SMG. The traditional top heavy appearance of the assault class is maintained by her size, broad shoulders and her armour rather than equipment on her back as is often the case. Unlike the other hunters, Seraph would be the first we don’t see a full face for.


For Seraph, the hunt is all about a display of her dominance, over the wildlife, the monsters and everyone who has failed to accomplish what she has through her own strength. She seeks battle purely to test her strength, and as long as she draws breath she will stand again for losing is as bad as dying. “Run Monster! For that is fear you feel now!”

Skill set:

Traditionally the assault classes have two skills that deals damage purely, and one designed to shake up the battlefield. Seraph sticks to the rule of thumb pretty closely, but she’s the first hunter to feature hand-to-hand combat.

  1. Twin SMG’s: Fairly standard weapons with the latest monster hunting ammunition. Rather than having a zoom function while equipped, the weapons can instead be fired separately or together. They can be reloaded separately automatically or together manually. As the Mastery of the skill is increased the weapon increases the damage dealt.

  2. Twin blades: The two swords she’s fashioned from the remains of some legendary beast aren’t just for show and allow Seraph to engage in silent hand-to-hand combat. Perfect if you need to take out those pesky Reavers but don’t want the monster to hear you coming. As the Mastery of the skill is increased the weapon increases the damage dealt.

  3. Bloodlust: When low on health (25% or less), Seraph can put everything she has on the table by entering a berserker state, gaining a buff for a short time that increases damage. As the Mastery of the skill is increased the duration of the buff is raised.

  4. Arc Shield: Standard Assault Gear.

Interactions with existing characters?

A new dropship dialogue for Markov should exist similar to the currently existing “I like Val” one. But in this instance, he 'like likes’ Seraph, comparing her to a Valkyrie on the battlefield. Seraph should in turn have her own dropship dialogue where she thinks Markov is a naive child whom doesn’t understand what battle truly is.

Se: Slim, you are a basilisk soldier, yes?
Sl: Jee, I wonder what gave it away?
Se: I have hunted your kind before, it was a hard job, but rewarding.
Sl: Great, another bounty hunter huh?
Se: What bounty?
Sl: Oh… you mean… you were in the mutagen wars?
Se: No. No war. He was a generation 1 failure. Hunting him was what you call…‘Good sport.’
Sl: Jesus.
Se: Don’t worry you are safe. Too human. Men are easy to hunt, they reek of fear. Is how monster will find you too.


Name: Ash
Age: Early 20’s
Ancestry: British

I imagine Ash appearing exactly as he does in the concept art. A full body suit protecting every inch of him with just a clear full face visor revealing the man inside. The suit itself consists of a small amount of plating, underneath which appears to be a jumpsuit made from some sort of natural snake hide. On his back he carries two canisters of a bubbling green liquid, the contents of which feed directly into his gun.


Ash, like Caira, has scientific interests at heart. Although, where she focuses on the how’s and why’s? Ash focuses on the what, more specifically, what can I do with this? He’s a corporation’s wet-dream, specialising in harvesting and weaponizing bestial organs and bones. It was he whom made Seraph’s blades and created the string for Daytro’s bow. His fascination with the monsters is their ability to evolve at whim and adjust their biological DNA to suit their environment. He wants to harness that ability for himself.

Skill set:

Ash actually incorporates standard Healer skills as they all have a damage dealer, healing and miscellaneous skill as standard.

  1. Venom spray: The Venom Spray weapon works to project a form of poisonous bile Ash has painstakingly harvested from the wildlife of Shear. Once doused, the monster takes standard damage at first, but as the chemical seeps into the skin it deals minor damage over time directly to the monsters health. As the Mastery of the skill is increased the weapon increases the damage dealt.

  2. Dart gun: From the wonderful people at Pangea Arms comes, the Dart gun! You know it, you love it, you’ve seen it before. There’s a catch though, this one’s not loaded with tracking darts. Ash has filled these little beauties with his own adrenaline based solution to provoke rapid health regeneration within hunters. Each dart is capable of restoring a segment of a hunters health. Missing almost all your health? Take a face full of darts. The catch though is that rather than instant healing, in order for the healing to come into effect, the hunter has to move around. Really get their heart beating. “Walk it off, you pansy.” As the Mastery of the skill is increased the amount of healing received per dart is raised.

  3. Pure Adrenaline: Is your hunter team getting steam rolled by the monster? Stuck in an endless cycle of going down with those pesky strikes against your health bar. You’re demotivated, the hunters are demotivated, they need a little pick me up. Using a special supply of adrenaline harvested straight from the monster, Ash injects this directly into a hunter of his choice and in doing so, removes a strike from their health. Rather than having a cooldown, this ability can only be used so many times before it is no longer available. “You will feel this.” As the Mastery of the skill is increased the number of syringes available is raised. This ability is not triggered by ammunition modifiers.

  4. Healing Burst: Standard Healer Gear.

Interactions with existing characters?

I figured it’d be fun to have a line of questioning from Abe regarding the work Ash and Caira do in the lab. All those late nights spent together studying. He’s not jealous, he’s just curious, you know, what they get up to in there…alone.


Name: Bolt-on
Age: N/A
Ancestry: Ore deposits

Bucket’s big brother would be one way of describing Bolt-on. He’s not a drone that’s been modified and weaponized, Bolt-on IS as weapon. An easy tonne of sleek, sexy steel, made up of sharp edges and polished with the blood, sweat and tears of monsters. Bolt-on is Griffin from the original concept art and is every bit the word, reinforcements.


Bolt-on draws the short straw in that he doesn’t really have a personality per-say. He’s not a think-tank like Bucket but rather the more traditional sense of a dumb AI. “I. Am. A. Ro-bot.” His purpose is to support hunters in combat, and so that is his only concern. He doesn’t feel fear, or exhilaration, only concern that his patron’s may have needs he can fulfil. One too many bangs to the circuit have caused the odd slip though, I once heard him mutter something about killing us all.

Skill set:

Bolt-on actually incorporates standard Support skills as they all have a damage dealer, a buff and miscellaneous skill as standard.

  1. Plasma rifle: An extendible rifle built into Bolt-on’s chassis, the weapon draws power from his own core to lay down an impressive rate of fire. As the Mastery of the skill is increased the weapon increases the damage dealt.

  2. Nano spores: Bolt-on is actually host to a swarm of nanites that can be used to aid the hunters in a variety of way including rejuvenating them and tending to their weapons. By using the ability, Bolt-on decreases the cooldown rate of ally abilities nearby. As the Mastery of the skill is increased the duration of the nano spores is raised.

3)Turret mode: Similar to Daytro’s state change, Bolt-on can actually secure himself to the floor, sacrificing his ability to move and turning his other arm into a secondary plasma rifle. In doing so Bolt-on himself becomes a portable turret that can lay down an impressive rate of fire at the monster. Doing so however requires a great deal of energy so the state is only temporary. As the Mastery of the skill is increased the duration of the ability is raised.

  1. Cloak: Standard Support Gear

Interactions with existing characters?

Parnell: How have you enjoyed working with us Bolt-on? Any problems integrating with our team?
B: Enjoy it? I was built to serve Jim, however if you have any recommendations on how I can assist you more efficiently, I would be open to a discussion.
P: Haha, no no, just checking in on you.
B: That said, I am greatly enjoying massacring the inhabitants of Shear.
P: What?! You mean the monsters, right?
B: They are technically inhabiting the planet at the moment, yes.
P: Man, don’t scare me like that. I don’t think my heart can take it.

CONGRATULATIONS, YOU MADE IT TO THE END OF THE POST! A hollow victory considering your scroll wheel didn’t stop once on your way here :stuck_out_tongue: You’ll be glad to know that’s all she wrote for now. It’s all my brain can take for the moment, the words are beginning to blur for me so I’ll proof read it roughly 50 times later. No doubt realising I left some gaping flaw, some unfinished sentence or some such.

There’ll be a pop quiz for those of you that actually read it later, but I’d love to know what people think of the team as a whole. You’ll notice I left out the specifics of their skills despite the detail I went into. Balancing numbers isn’t my strong suit, I’m not going to pretend it is. But I’d love to see people build on them try and narrow down their skills, improve them, draw them. And if TRS could actually use them in the game that would be great. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (just sneak them in for me, you don’t need to push an update out for everyone else or anything).

EDIT 1: Fixed the rank up phrasing to prevent confusion. Grammar fixes that were bugging me. Slight re-wording. Fixed that god awful trapper paradox.


This is impossible.


God dammit. You know there was like 50 different dialogues I thought of and then thought. Nope, can’t happen, both support/assault/medic’s etc etc. I completely overlooked the two trappers.

I told you my brain was fried :blush:


I based one off of the appearance of Kiko (and things I want to see) already, a female Assault with dual SMGs and dual “Plasma Sabres.” I guess it’s a popular concept (hint, hint TRS). There’s also a cool Mech Assault idea:

And just because, here were my older, pre-T4 ideas:

The original melee Assault idea that I don’t like as much had one idea I REALLY liked that could replace the spear from Keiko’s kit - a directional shield that does damage reduction and negates knockback, allowing a Melee Assault to stand firm against a Monster.


i dunno if you noticed throughout your first playthrough.
but hunters Don’t rank up abilities. only monsters do.


I think he means the mastery bonuses.


Yep, but you can’t make me read it.


Pretty interesting ideas, great work.


PLEASE CAN WE STOP SAYING MELEE WEAPONS FOR ANY HUNTERS. it’s not practical, you need an amazing trapper to even seem effective if you use a melee weapon. If they add melee I will honestly be shocked, it is stupid


What a charming mental image. >.<


The real reason Tier 6 was skipped was because 6 was scared of 7… because seven ate nine.


We have a winner.


I’m pretty sure he meant masteries


That was bad, mate. :stuck_out_tongue:




I fixed it :smiley: Not that it’s exactly much better, but it prevents the game breaking paradox.


The ability to stand firm against the monster was something I had previously considered. In the end I decided the assaults main weapons should be her SMG’s for dealing damage to the monster while the swords should be for dispatching wildlife silently, so that your position isn’t given away.

There’s nothing worse than silently trying to corner a monster, only to have someone get attacked by wildlife or stuck in a plant. Your only option is to shoot the bloody things, at which point Mr Monster with his Turtle Beach headset has zoned in on your location like he’s using bat sonar and has run half way across the map in the opposite direction.

The reason I went for a Hungarian hunter rather than keeping Kiko’s traditional appearance is because the whole Japanese Katana wielder idea is overly cliché. Not to mention the fact we already have two hunters of somewhat asian descent, I figured I’d aim for some diversification in the matter.

I think TRS have considered the idea of melee attacks themselves, after all, every hunter in the game has some form of melee weapon on them. It’s just not been coded into the game. Whether that’s something that was cut for time, balancing or other reasons; we’ll never know.


There I fixed the writing so it specifies the mastery levels rather than ‘ranks’. Just to prevent any further confusion. And you’re cute, it’s not my first play through, I’ve been active since launch.


Curses. TL;DR. My only weakness :cry:


This was the reason I asked for an evaluation of the hunters as a team rather than individually. Together they’re more of a close knit unit compared to individual choices and so you wouldn’t need an amazing trapper.

As I said to @mediumvillain I decided the assaults main weapons should be her SMG’s for dealing damage to the monster while the swords should be for dispatching wildlife silently, so that your position isn’t given away.

There’s nothing worse than silently trying to corner a monster, only to have someone get attacked by wildlife or stuck in a plant. Your only option is to shoot the bloody things, at which point Mr Monster with his Turtle Beach headset has zoned in on your location like he’s using bat sonar and has run half way across the map in the opposite direction.

While you COULD go ham on the monster with CQC, odds are you’re going to get shafted halfway across the map by one ability or another. Sure you could play a different trapper, stick the monster in stasis, activate blood rage and THEN go to town on the beastie. You’d likely get some decent damage in, but still end up flying half way round the world.

However melee combat does allow for some interesting new strategies to be implemented by the hunters, including stealth gameplay and ambushes. If the hunters were able to attack the monster in hand to hand while it’s eating, forcing it to flee, the play can then switch to fully loaded ranged weapons and get in more shots without having to reload.

It would essentially allow a wraith style of gameplay for the hunter team. It’s not that I would argue that it’s a better means of combat, purely that it allows adaptability in gameplay and ultimately that’s what allows teams to be competitive and variety is what will keep the game alive.