T6 Trapper Idea

I hv draw this 1 Year ago now i must say i think this will be a great idea 4 a New Trapper or Assault maybe

I love Pigs so my Idea is a Pig-Mutant Hunter
He would use Smell 2 find the Monster
I know im Wierd xD


Your face, Your ass, what’s the difference?
Sorry, couldn’t resist a Duke Nukem quote XD

Cross species hunters would be interesting, there was concept art for it certainly but apart from basilisk soldiers, there’s not a lot of mention of them in evolve lore.

Yeah like a Reptile or something like that from a different Planet

Btw the idea of the drawing was a PigCop of Duke Nukem so u was Right xD


This is looks like an ideal character for Battleborn rather than Evolve.

Bebop is that you?
Also…niiiiice work on this man. 100 cookies for you!

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Are you new? I’ve seen a few posts from you but I don’t recognize you.
If you are new, then welcome!
Also shouldn’t this be in the trapper suggestion thread?

Sort of new I guess, I’ve been on here 2 or 3 weeks now ^^
And thank you =D

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Well nice to have you here. Hope you enjoy your stay here. :smile:
(Currently working on my social skills, not much of a social person)

Nice to meet you too, hehe :blush:
What format do you play evolve on? ^^

So hard to play a FPS on anything else now. O_o
When I play varies though.
@Sentry_Gun should this thread be joined with Trapper Suggestion Topic?