T6 Team Theme idea


So as we all know each group of hunters has themes around them T5 is about surviving shear and adapting after the monsters have ravaged the planet.

My theme for T6 if it were to be made would be the hunters becoming more “monster” in nature in the sense that they are losing their humanity.

Tell me what you guys think if you get an idea off the basis of what i’ve said feel free to post it


I think these idea threads are about as interesting as fanfiction.


You know it’s just as easy to not comment if you’re not going to provide feedback.


Isn’t there a central hunter suggestion thread?

Which is why I’ve almost never posted (at least here) my hunter concepts. its just not worth the effort.


There’s no need for the toxic comment. If you have nothing constructive move on, it’s rude man.


I was thinking the medic could use a health draining on the hunters that boosted the hunters defense or something


Have u met kala yet? She is on the verge of losing her humanity


Yeah that’s what made me think of T6 theme they would be a step above kala in the sense we mentioned.


I’d love to see an elite squad from hub. With modern military equipment! So none of this strange, lone survivor stuff…


We need a superhero theme lol jk


X-men style :smile:


Wolverine for assualt or trapper Professor X for support!


Beast for monster!


Colossus for assault


Storm for support!

daredevil for support!


ToiletWraith for monster.


But who would be medic? Nevermind hulk hands down


Sends hunters to the sewer(dropship)


That’d be cool but we already have a mutated Bug-Man aka Slim and well… just wait until we get Kala.


Why not a mutation/alien team. Slim/Kala/T6 trapper/assault