T6 or T7 Hunter not finished idea [ice theme]+biomech monstah?

I have a feeling that guy in the thermal suit (hello, Mr. Freeze) wouldn’t be out of place. After some research I found [one][1] mention on forum.

He could be Medic or Support. Here is some ideas(it’s not the whole kit, parts of it):

  1. He could be mini-Behemoth on hunters team via casting ice walls to protect teammates. The wall could look like a frozen wave, so it will protect hunter even from lightening strike(because of shape) of fissure(too kool for fissure) and e.t.c.

  2. As @xcrimsonlegendx mentioned - slowing monster with freezing him(moving speed or attack speed). I could also imagine him leaving extremely cold liquid ice poodles that will freeze monster in one place(press LMB to free yourself, same as Maggie)

  3. Instead of shield he or she could freeze his teammates for a moment in a thick block of ice. If he is medic - he could freeze himself for a period of time for protection, this could be toggleable skill with high CD.

If it is a shield - teammates could do angry commentaries after defreezing - “Stop doing that!”, “Not again”.

Weaponry is also quite easy to imagine - freezing blasters/gadgets, launchers. Or I see him equipped with freezing-gloves casting icy things. For example his could cast a spear-shard and throw it to the monster(augmented thermal suit helps)

The general look of character is also quite flexible to design. He could be sitting in the heavy suit, or be hi-tech ninja (hello, Sub-Zero+science)

Dont want to create thread for this small question - any chances we will get biomech monster?
[1]: Your ideas for new Hunter Gear

This is Jack but ice-themed.

Are you talking about the second or third image?

How it is similar to Jack? Especially when it’s Support/Medic. AFAIK we know only two Jack abilities, one of them is anti-Griffin field. And slowing frostbite is more similar to Abe and Crow.

Jack creates a force field, which is a wall of sorts.

Similar to how his force field works.

All in-all I think a Monster with ice abilities would be much more fitting than a Hunter.

Damn, it is really a wall, anti-Griffin field is stuck in my mind.

But you cant say that it’s only reminds Jack, all the CC has the same purpose.

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True, I still think an ice Monster is better :stuck_out_tongue:

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Since both teams usually have same elements of nature - ice Hunter and Monster would fit the game.

BTW you said you think chilling is a hint to Halloween, what is T5 Spoder is Ice Monster?

It’s not ice. The chilling used here is scary. Meaning the only perfect time to release it would be October.

[plot twist] it’s actually a wind monster with cold breezes

[double plot twist] the ice monster is actually behemoth’s evil twin

[triple plot twist] the monster is “chilling” becuase it’s lazy and puts hunters to sleep

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I think I did it right

Is my English knowledge failing me, or there is a chance that the monster could be ice-themed? He could be both scary, icy and October-ready.

Seriously, how could you be so sure that it’s only means scary?

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Well it doesn’t look really icy, it’s definitely my triple plot twist

Because the Monster has nothing to do with ice. If anything it’s poisonous. If it was related to ice it would be visible from the silhouette.

All silhoettes of our monsters are unreadable. You wouldnt who is who and what they are doing. Same could be here.
Because the monster reminds spider it doesnt mean that it cant be icy and should be 100% poison. Still, the poison looks like the most logical approach, so let’s see what will happen.

We guessed behemoth was a lava monster from the silhouette

If it has anything to do with ice wouldn’t you think that it would have ice formations on it? If it created ice it would have to be cold so wouldn’t ice be forming on it?

It’s special, don’t question it

Besides its not chilling like that, it’s lazy chilling

i have a feeling someone will close this topic

Nope. That doesn’t even… What?