T6 monster idea


Idea for T6 water monster?

So the sea monster
Attack 1 - Echo blast, much like Kraken’s vortex only hits harder and travels faster. and also leaves a screech while moving.

Attack 2 - Shock wave, when mythic slams her tail into the water it stuns all nearby hunters.

Melee - Bite - Bite is effective at close range and has a chance to to pick up hunters in her mouth and shake them to death.

Attack 3 - Whirlpool - creates a vortex around mythic that will grab and whip hunters out of the water and into the air. deals damage when hunters hit the water if they don’t time their jump packs properly.

Stamina - Coil warp, this allows mythic to coil up like a spring and move faster as it will regenerate over time.

Appearance - Eel like body electric tendrils running along the sides of its snake like body. Snake like head with Tiger shark teeth, Pectoral and dorsal fins, whip like tail.

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@TheMountainThatRoars :smile: :wink:


This ain’t a monster it’s tyrant 2.0 :slight_smile:


There’s a thread for this already I think. Tier 6 monster I mean.

And I would rather an ice monster over a water dwelling monster.


I thought they were ending the game at T5 and working on left for dead 2?

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The amounts of can’t even.


I meant 3. Lol.


I heard that from somebody… But I guess TRS isn’t going to do it. I should research before I believe people hhaha


Hmmm? Whatchuwant? :slight_smile:


TRS doesn’t even own the rights to L4D.


They worked on the first one didn’t they? Then they left Valve… Idk read a tiny bit online. Didn’t read it thoroughly.


Yea… They don’t own Left 4 Dead. If there is another one made, TRS won’t be making it. Besides, they have stated they would support this game as long as they can.


This sorta thread is a thing already, I was thinking maybe merge?


Let’s see if it goes quietly, if not I’ll merge. :+1:

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