T6 Hunter idea

I dont get this crazy idea out of my Head
What is if we would get a 120 years old man in a futuristic Wheelchair as a Hunter ( maybe Medic ) The old Grandpa would wear a very long grey Beard . His weapons & Jetpack would be on his wheelchair ( like Lennox’s Thunder Child )

I really want 2 see that xD
What do u think ?

How would he get anywhere?

Its a Electric Wheelchair xD but i think it is possible

Well I mean like… There’s stuff on the ground… Not all of the ground on the planet is even… That’s like saying that you took a lovely drive through the Amazon or inside the Grand Canyon with a wheelchair…

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Alien Resurrection?





Why? ^.- </10gobis>

Cause this is not freakin Happy Wheels…


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I’m not the only one who thought of this, THANK GOD

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Haha but i think the idea would be very cool i hope TRS will do it in the futur xD

Damn this is perfect just i want a very old man i really can see it in my eyes how it will looks like in Evolve xD

That looks a little more evolve timeline but i can’t picture it fully

You fuckin’ ninja :stuck_out_tongue:

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If i finish my Lennox Artwork i will do a concept Art of the hunter idea xD i got a great T6 Monster idea 2

I think it could work, and it would definitely be interesting to see in game.

Personally I’d like to see a really small assault character, similar to Tiny Tina from Borderlands or Jinx from LoL. All the assaults we have right now are pretty huge (I know Lennox herself is small, but the Thunderchild is freaking huge) so it would be pretty cool to see a small character running around with a giant weapon firing at the monster.

I hope not. People cried about Lennox being old and fighting in an awesome suit. This guy would make them cry worse.

Even he had to be carried at some point

I’d personally love to see a hunter that works with a drone. You send out the drone and remote control it. Advantages are you can’t take damage from the monster. Disadvantages are you’re not with your team all the time, the drone could get destroyed.