T6 confirmed?


T6 confirmed, or she was just talking about adaptations?


Most likely adaptations, Tier 6 isn’t confirmed at all.


She confirmed there will be more characters and it’s already confirmed we will get more adpations.
So no, nothing new have been revealed.


That’s because Kala is coming and she’s a Hunter, and the Kraken variant is coming and that’s a Monster.


And eventually the T2 hunters, and T3 hunters and Wraith. They said they might do T4 and T5 eventually, but it’s not confirmed like the rest of T2 and T3


Has it been talked about whether Krakens adaption will be in this patch?


I knew about that, but I was still hoping T_T


I think she means Adaptation but we still can hope 4 T6 ^^ But TRS hv say if the Community still want Dlc’s they will try to make more

i will buy all Hunting Seasons because i love this Game so much like i love my huge goggles lol


It mean Adaptions


I think I heard Matt talking about the ‘‘unnamed monster’’ that was in Kala’s lore, stating that he could see more monster existing in the Evolve universe but that there were no plans for it yet. I could be wrong though.


I believe Tata meant the adaptation, they’ve been saying how busy they are lately could mean another tier is onthe works or they’re in process of doing a new IP.


Not really, I wouldn’t expect them to, it’s meant to be a surprise .


Yeah, just like Meteor Goliath! I remember the hype when they showed us a gif of the blue flames C:


Well everyone will say there is no tier 6 confirmed but by the way Matt teased us by saying “IF we get to create more monsters” etc seems a little too much for them to not be making future monsters and hunters. I believe I heard TRS will 100% working on Evolve over the next year and in that time, I doubt they will just be making variations. Jay Hill I believe said in a live-stream they had Meteor Goliath in 6 days which is incredibly fast meaning that variations are not a massive deal to create.

What would they do with the rest of their time? Maps is one thing but I certainly think a tier 6 is more than likely in that time. Lastly, I am pretty certain the devs probably love creating new characters for the game and would it not feel a huge shame to just stop?


Also i would be surprised if they stopped making new hunters/monsters after Kala, an extremely important key character for the lore of evolve, i’m sure our dear Matt has a lot more to tell us about her, monsters and the corporations, and i love when i get to know MORE lore :wink:


I was just referencing the adaptions that Chris has already confirmed we’re working on. I’ve got no news to offer on a Tier 6.


That 6 days (or whatever number it was) is so misleading. It took 6 days to get together something for the deadline, but he wasn’t by any means “done.” That time doesn’t include balancing, testing, or bug fixing. And the 6 days weren’t normal 8 hour work days, there was overtime there.

He has been the easiest of the adaptions though. And the fact that we did get him working in such a short time was pretty remarkable.


Okay my bad, I thought that was just to get him in game. Either way I would assume a lot faster than whole new character was my point? :^)


Well I think tier 6 is confirmed, only due to the fact that we were told if there was enough want from the community, it would be done, and I think we have shown that we want it so much, it’s become almost annoying to see people asking about it. You wouldn’t lie to us, would you?


I remember in the E3 streams I asked @Shaners if the new monster was going to be called spoderman and she confirmed it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: