T5 Support ability speculation -- rate of fire increase

I think the creepy hand of the T5 support lets you channel energy from Support that will increase one of the friendly hunters rate of fire… it sort of works like cabot damage amp instead on hunters… It can increase the healrate of med gun of val making her viable along side new T5 support.

I can already imagine this with a capacity Caira, people will be healed instantly. Love the idea :smile:


And if you could use it on multiple people? And it had a short-ish CD?

Imagine that on a Parnell, any Trapper and Slim team…

I am ignoring the existence of Slim. :s

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Nice idea! I can imagine it being incredibly buggy though…

imagine all the weekspots val can put on the monster with it, I imagine it could make damage amp a bit obsolete. Because it will be better for the whole team overall.

That’d be OP if it was ever used on Slim so I say nay.

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well as it stands rapid firing leech gun increases spread if u rapid fire even faster the spread should increase so much that ur not efficiently leeching unless ur very very close to monster… So it shoudl be ok… rate of fire doesnt increase reload speed so u reload at normal rate but while firing u fire faster.

Rate of fire increase only applies to magazine feeds … Val sniper is hand fed so it wont affect her sniper rifle as it reloads at normal rate.

well like sunny booster the creepy hand channeling will alos have a limit so may be u can only do 1 rapid heal with capacity before it has to recharge… Telemetry guys can figure out the proper numbers for this :slight_smile:

I read something a while back that said the devs wanted to make hyde’s minigun fire faster but couldn’t make it work for something to fire that fast, if that’s true then a support that increases fire rate wouldn’t be possible.