T5 "Spider" Monster ability speculation

So, as I posted in another thread, the running theme is that each assault matches in some way with a Monster.

Markov and Kraken : Lightning gun and lightning abilities. Each one also has mines.
Hyde and Goliath : Flamethrower and Flame Breath
Parnell and Wraith: Super Soldier and Supernova (self-enhancements at a cost)
Torvald and Behemoth : Mortars and Lava Bomb (artillery theme, with the robo-suit core matching the stomach “weakpoint” as a bonus)

Now that Lennox has been revealed and we know her abilities/theme, I think we can start brainstorming some possibilities for the T5 Monster. Since there is nothing frost or ice themed about Lennox, I’m going to say that the whole “the t5 monster is chilling” comment referred to its creepiness factor and not its element, so we may be able to rule that out. Let’s take a look at her abilities and how they might tie-in with the Monster, henceforth referred to as “Spooder” for simplicity’s sake.

  1. Plasma Lance. This could be the clue to Spooder’s element. I firmly believe Wraith’s element was something akin to “ghost” or “ether” and not plasma, so this element is still a viable choice. It could also hint at some kind of whip or lance-like ability of Spooder’s.
  2. Autocannon. This one seems pretty straightforward, like Markov’s Assault Rifle, and is not likely to have any tie-in to the theme or abilities of Spooder.
  3. Thunderstrike. I think the name of this ability is moreso tied into the name of Lennox’s mech (the “Thunder Child”) and doesn’t hint at lightning/thunder being tied into Spooder’s element. It may hint at some kind of leap-strike attack (perhaps from a ceiling/wall, given Spooder’s arachnid nature?)
  4. Personal Shield. Standard ability, nothing to see here.
  5. Special passive - “Stability” (not the official name AFAIK…). Lennox doesn’t get knocked around like the other Hunters do. Perhaps Spooder will also be more resistant to Hunter CC. Or perhaps she has extra CC type abilities of her own (web traps or some-such).

It is also interesting to note that the Thunder Child suit has one eye, which is very opposite of the typical image of the many-eyed spider. TRS could surprise us by giving an arachnoid a single eye. Or, it may be 3 horizontal slits like the robot eye has. I’m not sold on this but I thought I’d bring up the possibility regardless.

EDIT: https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/uploads/short-url/1M0lJN0CpOUeaNw9kz6kp70zjdC.png

Picture shows Griffin talking about spiders with one giant eye. I may have been more correct than I thought!

That’s all I could come up with for now. Take a look at Lennox and post your thoughts and theories!

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Wraith was “void” as confirmed by MacMan. She’s like the Outsider’s sister or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for Spooder- I am like 99% certain that it’s a necromancer type thing. :smiley: I also feel like it’s a parasite that’s assimilated the Lazarus Man aboard the Ajax, and I think it was the Monster that destroyed the Ajax.

…I think a lot of things I’m hyped okay.

It seems very small compared to the others, and I think its weakspot will be its thorax (the spider butt it has.) :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm. But weren’t they “transporting” the Monster? It seemed like it was something they were hired to take from one planet to another, not something that happened during transportation.

Do you think it was a Lazarus man because it is bald? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it was the Lazarus man because dat beard do. :stuck_out_tongue: Looks a lot like Laz, actually, and it’s very thin.

Meh, I just like to think of it as a crotchety old man who’s been assimilated by a zombie creature. :slight_smile:

Not sure it’s a necromancer. There was a far earlier comment made by Maggie about a monster that made more monsters. I think this is that monster. (Ant colony)

Wasn’t it Markov and Goliath together and hyde with kraken?

Nah Hyde was second

Right…You cannot play hyde until you unlock him. You cannot play Kraken until you unlock him. So Markov and goliath are both part of the first group of hunters/monsters.

hyde and kraken are part of the second group.

the whole maggie/laz necromancer thing could just relate to the human part of the ant/spider

maybe these monsters dont spawn in an egg, maybe they need a coprse to mature and evolve…

Tier-wise, yes, but that doesn’t negate the fact that each Assault has had a Monster counterpart. I wasn’t matching them based on tier, they are matched based on element and/or theme. Things may be mixed around a little since the first three tiers were released as an initial “chunk,” whereas DLC is tier-by-tier.

Take a lookie here:

Now that we have a closer look, I’m not so sure about that beard theory :stuck_out_tongue:

Any more theories or thoughts based on what you’ve seen and read now? Do you think, considering you believe it is a “necromancer type thing,” that this Monster’s element is “death”?

ok scrap the humanoid torso after seeing that pic

I showed my Grandmother the silhouette of the monster and she said it reminds her of a stink bug! Maybe it it’ll be able to release a gas to blind and maybe slow hunters? God, this is probably gonna be my new favorite monster!

Are we thinking parasites as one of Arachne’s abilities? (Yes I’ve decided to name her Arachne)

Thats awesome. Enjoy an awesome Grandma like that while you can.


Every day I can! :slight_smile:

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So i just wanted to give my take on the new monster here.

Now what i have here doe somewhat make sense but I may be way off here.

First: During every monster tutorial it says that “Blank can climb almost any surface” which gets me thinking, If this monster is a spider somewhat than I am guessing that will will be able to climb any surface. Just think about it. I am pretty sure TRS has given us subtle hints since release to be honest though I may be wrong.

Second: A couple people have said that the monsters are based off of a certain hunter(Markov and Kraken and Wraith and Parnell etc.) so that gets me thinking. Lennox has her own leap smash ability which makes me assume that Goliath is more based on Lennox than Hyde, but then that leaves the question “What is T5 based off of then?” I believe the T5 monster is based off of Hyde becuase he actually uses a poison not a flame so that would mean T5 is posion based which we all kinda expected but I am glad they did that.

What are your thought on my take on this?


Thank for for an on-topic and relevant reply!

A very interesting theory to be sure, and it could play out that way. It would make a lot of sense for a spider-like Monster to have poison as its element. Good catch!

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!


I don’t know why but the thought of the fifth monster having minions makes me think of this.

I was once the most creepyass monster of all Evolve!
When the hunters betrayed me they made a mistake!
My curse made each of them pay, but one hot latino got away!
Little Caira beware fifth tier is released!

And Fifth monsters element will be music, obviously. :stuck_out_tongue: