T5 Speculations



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Depends on the Hat. I have seen Tricorns that curve down that much.

I still don’t think it’s a hat.

I think it’s a device strapped to his back and it just happens to be behind his head.

Korsoth is a Hungarian surname…


Oh I’ve never thought of that. What could be on its back?

I feel the the thing on his back only looks like it is attached to his arms.

I feel he will use a giant snare of sorts.


But as I stare it I can’t help but feel that your right about the trapper… TRS has already said they like to stick with certain motifs when making charactats… and alot about this character just scream piratemmm especially the freaking cape… I think TRS may surprise us and deprive us of tracking for this trapper in favor of making him more offensive.
Along his arms he seems to have some sort of life support or drug administration device… Maybe he pumps himself full of narcotics that let him sense wild life and monster and it makes him stronger/faster also

Medic is big and bulky… He looks to be the most offensive medic out… If you look close it looks like he has flame coming out of his fingers OR he has no hand at all… It’s some sort of built in flame thrower

Also his mid section is very large almost like he’s fat… But since this guy looks to be a cyborg I would bet his midsection houses some kind of healing drone units

Support really is an enigma and its hard to judge what she could be but all I can guess is she looks very stealthy and appears to be like a Lazarus… And if she can only use that to attack then I bet she needs ALOT OF CLOAK

So imma go out on a ledge… On her hips she appears to have some sort of device… Some way some how that device recharges her cloak so she can stay invisible and keep the team invisible longer

Pretty Sure the Trapper is just wearing a long-coat with some wiring on it.

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It’d be pretty effin awesome if the 5th Monster turned out to be an old gen 1 Basilisk Soldier. It’d be even more awesome if it could still speak to some extent, taunting the Hunters.

Why, specifically? What makes a Gen 1 Soldier a good idea for a monster.

Why are people obsessed with this Idea. What’s the logic here?


From what I’ve heard, dropship conversations allude to it. Not to mention its insectoid yet somewhat human appearance; a common trait of Basilisk soldier.

Yes, well we probably won’t be seeing an Orion Terrorsaur or Sandwhale anytime soon.

The Gen 1 Soldiers are just background detail. Unless all the monsters are Basilisk soldiers (Which doesn’t make sense) having a Gen 1 soldier wouldn’t make sense.


In the context of “We don’t know where these monsters came from”, having a Basilisk soldier would just add another further possibility.
The point of the origins of the Monsters is that it simply don’t make sense, which is why Caira, Val, and Bucket (who can essentially download entire knowledge bases in an instant) can’t exactly pinpoint what the Monsters are.

Man, those are really far fetched even for speculations, you’re basically making stuff up with nothing to base on but outlines.
Is there really a point to this?

Yeah, it’s sorta interesting to make guesses of future content and see If they are accurate.

Though yeah, I should have looked closer at the Support and Monster, those are rather far fetched.

I mean, we’re all thinking stuff judging from the outlines, that’s sure, but there’s not a lot we can infer just from that. Especially powers/mechanics. Those are really wild guesses, heh.

It’s also fun to say “Called It”

I’m placing my bets really.


What the heck is a Sandwhale?

Well there’s probably not robots as the devs have stated that they’re not making anymore robots.
The monster won’t burrow, since I believe the devs stated that they’ve tried the burrowing thing and it don’t work well at all.

ISNT funny how the tier 1 hunters are pretty superior over the other tiers

Griffin has been hunting them since he was 15.