T5 Speculations

Moved this post from another thread. It’s my speculations on Tier 5.

Theming: Pirate.

Close inspection of the head reveals that he’s wearing a hat that looks sort of like a tricorn hat. So, he’s probably inspired by pirates, might even have an Eyepatch or Cybernetic leg.


Primary Weapons appear to be dual pistols, furthering the pirate motif (He could be a cowboy, but we have abe).

Tracking method: His Longcoat appears to have machinery all over it. I’m guessing this reads into a detection system. Since he’s a pirate (Arghh!) I’ll guess he tracks with a compass. The compass has 8 markers (North, South, West, East and 4 inbetween) and points in the direction the monster is (It’s not precise and you have to stop to actually look at it)

Containment: This is me drawing blanks. He shoots an object, and then another and then a line forms. This can tether the monster to objects or create (weak) barricades.


Theming: Robot/Cyborg

The medic has robotic parts and a robotic head, so he’s likely a robot. But, we thought Torvald was a robot and we were wrong, so he might be a cyborg (Maybe even Mason, making a full Sword crew)

Primary: Drawing a blank. I’ll say a firearm that fires incendiary rounds (I see fire on the silhouette).

Healing method: Dispenser. TF2 Style.

Utility: Some stat increase. I say either Flaming rounds or Damage Resist.


Theme: Wizard

She (I think it’s a her) is a hybrid that has dna of native shear species, but also cybernetics (Or just cybernetics because all of these abilities work with cybernetics, but I think that the claw is organic).

Primary: A Lightning Gun inside her hand/claw, that creates the appearance of firing lightning out your hand like magic.

Secondary: Pacify. She can tame local shear wildlife for the wizard theme (Didn’t come up with an explanation, possibly this). I don’t know about after this, but it would probably be a disposable hunter. (Post the first iteration I thought that maybe a designated pet, more supporty than daisy and maybe combat capable could work as well)

Utility: She makes a shield out of (Plants or Nanomachines, not sure) large enough for teammates to hide behind. This shield absorbs all hits and deducts a fraction of the damage out of her health


The Monster, an insectoid minion master. I’m really just making random guesses here.

Colour: White (It might be green, but I want green on something either reptillian or aquatic, so personal bias here)

Traversal: Burrow, slower travel for damage reduction

ABILITY 1: Hunters. Spawn 2 Flying Insects with ranged attacks but low health

ABILITY 2: Tank creates 1 scorpion-esque monstrosity. Melee with moderate health.

ABILITY 3: Webslinger. Slows targets

ABILITY 4: Venom spit. Deals damage in small radius. Poisons Larger radius.

That’s my speculations. Some are a bit specific, but I think I got the jist of most of them (Support and Monster are likely wrong)

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I’m thinking the first guy also has two swords on his back unless those are part of his jet pack. Could be a type of conical hat.

Honestly I think it looks more like horns on the trapper


I really want T5 monster to be a giant chrrysalis from xcom: enemy unknown. Those things are awesome and freaky. They also make their own minions too. When a chrrsy omnom one of your soldiers, they will make sweet love love to the dead body and turn the butchered corpse into a maggot infested zombie.

Alternatively there’s a possibility that he can just be a freezing monster. Dev mentioned chilling, lots of artic skins involve. There could be a connection.

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I would say Trapper looks more like a robot/cyborg and the medic looks military/pilot-like. Looks like he’s wearing some sort of helmet.

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Nice but i still hope the Monster is a bazilisk soldier this will be crazy He looks really human

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If the trapper is a Pirate his Name will be CAPTN. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR xD

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I’m pretty sure that is Korsoth and not a pirate.

The thing that looks like a hat actually could be part of a device on his back and not his head.

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well the support has the same claws as the monster… i’m very excited about her. (i hope it is female)

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Trapper needs to be named Long John Silver. >.>

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And Daisy should learn to speak like that

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So I cannot speak to any of their abilities, however based off of how they look I can guess.

Trapper looks Robotic. It looks like there are wires all over his arms. Also to our left side there looks to be something like an antenna, to be fair though it could just be a communicator. The helmet looks like an upside down Viking Helmet. Or it could be a patchwork Robot made from scrap metal or downed stuff, even shittier than Bucket’s 40 year old chassis.

Medic looks like if you combined JJ the Jet Plane and a Transformer. That looks like a flamethrower, but I bet it is a goopy substance or like a plasma that can heal you. Smear it on an area, it does healing, you could smear a Monster and Lennox could get close, do damage and get some heals. SYNERGY!

Support looks like a Caster. That glove screams mid-close range. Question is what can it do? I’d personally like to see something that debuffs the monster but all characters need some way to damage to break pounce. It’d be cool if it shot out something like superchilled air since we already have Flame and Electric weapons. If you look at the arm it has tubing running only on the armed glove. Maybe it is like Caira where you only have 1 real piece of equipment but it can do multiple things.

Just my opinions so don’t take any of this as fact, I work with the same info ya’ll do!

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Lol this is beautiful

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I keep wondering if it’s some sort of injection that Support gives you with that creepy looking hand

Remember though, in the Milestone thread Macman said when Adrenal Boosts were in the game it often caused issues because you had to stop to administer them, which is counter productive. However if it worked like Slim’s bug and you could aim it that could work!

The Hat isn’t the only thing that makes me think pirate. The Trappers have so far been based on historical lifestyles for design (Tribal, Classical Big Game Hunter, Cowboy, Mongolian Eagle Hunters) so Pirate seems logical.

The Pistols (and what might be swords) are also sort of piratey, and he’s wearing a longcoat. Pistols, Swords, Longcoats and Tricorns are all common to popular portrayal of pirates. It just sort of makes sense to me.

Yeah, I missed the weapon the fire/plasma is coming from, but it is rather small so it’s likely either healing or utility. So yeah, maybe the healing is more interesting than sunny’s drone painted medic. Could still be a utility though.

Agreed with everything on support except the glove. I still think that’s organic. Mostly I’m biased and think getting another mutant would be really cool. All of the other hunters have some form of Robotics and even she has wiring and gears. So I’m probably wrong.

The hat looks like those Chinese bamboo hats. Possibly a samurai.

Bamboo Hat
Tricorn Hat
5th Trapper

Maybe a short bamboo hat

The Trappers hat curves down too much to look like a pirates though!