T5 spant monster(Arachnophobia and Myrmecophobia, Fear Of Spiders and Ants)

so i have some ideas of the traversal for the 5th monster

1- So spiders have string or web and what if it used the “string” to pulls itself to a wall (AKA it acts like a grappling hook) and if you grappled to the ceiling you would be able to walk upside down on the ceiling.
P.S. if TRS see this and uses this idea please don’t reverse controls (highly doubt they will see or use this LOL)

2- Jumping spiders i know we already have a jumping traversal but it could be possible for it to be a jumping spider although i should just scrap this know that the legs on the spider in the pictures are not suitable for jumping but who knows science sometimes doesn’t match up with games.


-i have no idea what is main ability it would surround around but i would like to see “wire” TBH i mean it works with the first traversal and its a different type of power.

what are your ideas for an ability tell me below PLEASE IT FEEDS MY HYPE METER!!!


But it’s not a spider. It’s not even an arachnid as far as anyone can tell. If anything it looks more like an ant.


really?! i always thought that it was a spider! hmm now i have to rethink :confused:

6 legs!!! The ants have 6 legs, the spiders have 8 legs

There’s also this thread that was spawned shortly after the reveal. Might help your ‘hype’. There’s a lot of people guessing about the Monster in there. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Monster is not an Ant, it is a Spider. Although Ants have six legs and a Spider has eight this is by far a Spider.


  1. The community have been basically begging for a spider monster since almost Day 1, so why on Earth would it be an Ant monster?

  2. The only reason that the Monster has six appendages is because TRS has stated in the past that the cannot make a monster that has more than six player-controlled appendages, for example: Kraken has 2 legs, 2 arms and 2 tentacles. 2+2+2 = 6 therefore Kraken has the max appendages possible for a Monster, sure there are other things like the tail and the two tentacles on his mouth but those are not player-controlled.

  3. The 5th Monster also has the max appendages, it has 4 arms and 2 legs, it also appears to be bi-pedal so they’re all player-controlled and regardless, they could not make a full eight-legged Monster as it is impossible for them and they also want players to be able to “relate to the Monsters”, they can’t really relate to a humongous Spider now can they?

  4. The fourth and final reason I have is the abdomen has the very exaggerated “hump”. For example:

Here is the anatomy of a Spider:

Take good note of the abdomen (final segment of the Spider all the way to the right of the image)

Now, the 5th Monster also has this giant hump. However I can’t find a picture of the Monster and don’t have the time to.

However I can find a picture of an Ant’s anatomy:

Notice how now the abdomen (left side now) is much smoother and round as it doesn’t contain very many organs, unlike a Spider.


These are four reasons why the new Monster is very much a SPIDER and NOT an Ant.


Lol, does it really matter? :sweat_smile: He’s a bug-type thing. I think we can all agree on that. And there are lots of similarities between spiders and ants, biologically anyways.


Couldn’t have summed it up better. Agreed for all these reasons but people are stuck on the 6 legs thing. Oh well, we should probably give up on trying to convince anyone, everyone will see what it is once we get a good reveal :slight_smile:

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Yes Einstein. Yes it does. And you’ll see, YOU’LL ALL SEE.

  1. community was asking for an insect monster as far as i know ?
  2. still six legs equals not spider…if youre designing a spider youre putting 8 legs on it thats an unspoken rule. i have yet to see a spider design which does not have 8 legs…
  3. the abdomen also got a stinger (see reveal trailer and watch the abdomen) and thats an ant thing

also it did seem to walk on all his legs in the trailer so i wouldnt call it bipedal

  1. Look around. There are tons of spider threads.

  2. They did the best they could with the technology they have

  3. It’s not proven to be a stinger. Spiders have that too so it’s most likely a spider.

  4. It literally crawls away on four/six legs. Did you not see that?

  5. You can’t deny the anatomy facts. It’s a spider.

1.yeah seems like nobody can tell a spider from an ant

2.you still patch 8 legs to something which you call a spider…

3.spiders dont have stingers…thats a fact

4.yeah thats why i think its not bipedal oO

5.his body seems segmentet in 3 parts which again is an ant&wasp thing

lol no spiders have fangs…
ants have stingers since they are relatives of wasps

  1. Now you’re insulting people and that’s not allowed.

  2. Yes. But. It. Is. A. Spider.

  3. Yes they do.

  4. My mistake: quadropedal.

  5. Again. Its meant to be humanoid and thus has 3 parts. Regardless it is a Spider.

You’re fighting a losing right.

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Either way, it’s an insect-like monster. I feel it will use venom in some attacks.

1.where am i insulting people lol
2. no
3. no

i see me winning

show me a picture pls, im like 100% sure you wont find one…

They have one. Its a stinger, may not have the same purpose but it is there. Also, that awkward moment when someone is being proven wrong on every account and yet still tries to win the argument and ignores facts :trophy:

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Holy smokes guys.

It is spider-like. Just because it doesn’t have exactly 8 legs doesn’t mean it can’t resemble a spider or have other characteristics like a spider.

Not too long ago someone was arguing with me that Goliath isn’t “humanoid” (AKA human-like). I feel like the concept of “similarity” is hard for this forum.


I dunno guys. I don’t think there’s enough evidence to support this being an Ant or an Arachnid.
Looks like a mishmash of different insects and arachnid. Personally I see a fusion of Ant, Spider and Cricket… hell Monster 5 might even be one of Slim’s relatives/fellow mutates gone horribly wrong.