T5 Monster idea - Water/Blood/Ice monster


I’ve seen the ‘Creating a Monster’ thread/polls and I wasn’t too big of a fan of the direction it was heading in. This being the case, I thought ‘how would I change things?’ and the idea for this monster was born. (Since I did participate in those polls, some of this monster’s powers were directly inspired by some of the options in the polls.)

Possible names (no name decided on yet): Frostbite, Verglas, Beowulf

Element/Theme: Water/Blood/Ice

Creature most similar to: Wolf

Traversal: Grappling – it shoots out all of its innards at a point, and then pulls the rest of its body to that point.

Traversal attack: the body that travels to the point travels head-first, with jaws open wide.

Health/Armor: amount is in between Kraken’s and Goliath’s. When the monster has armor, ice covers its body. This ice glows a bright blue at full armor.

Evolve roar: a long, bloodcurdling howl.


Blood Burst
The monster roars, inciting the blood of all living and dead wildlife nearby (dead wildlife is ‘revived’). Wildlife under the effect of Blood Burst attack (are aggressive towards) hunters and explode (‘burst’) when killed. Wildlife that do not normally attack just run up to hunters and explode.
More points in Blood Burst increases the damage of the affected wildlife and the radius of the ability. The effects of Blood Burst last until the wildlife affected is killed. Using Blood Burst when wildlife is already affected by it cause the already-affected wildlife to explode (so you can’t just build up an army of wildlife).

Ice Shield
The monster vomits blood and then freezes it, creating a shield in front of (and attached to) its mouth. The monster takes no damage from attacks that hit the shield. After the monster lets go of it (or after a short time), the monster shoots the ice shield forward, damaging and freezing any creatures (or hunters) it hits.
More points in Ice Shield increases the damage dealt and the size of the shield. Ice Shield can break if enough damage is dealt to it (but the only thing really capable of doing this much damage in Ice Shield’s duration is the Orbital Strike).

Steam Cloud
The monster hacks up a mass of steam and spits it out. Upon impact, the steam covers an area, which blocks visibility in addition to burning and blinding any hunters that remain within it. The mass of steam is accompanied by a few corpses the monster has eaten.
More points in Steam Blast increases the damage and radius of the steam cloud. The corpses spit out can be affected by Blood Burst, but cannot be eaten for energy or armor.

The monster and everything it has eaten turns into a mass of blood and flesh, which then charges forward a certain amount of distance before turning back into the creature. Any creature damaged by Tsunami is knocked back and covered in blood for a short time (useful for finding cloaked hunters).
More points in Tsunami increases the damage and size of the ‘wave’. After the creature reforms there are a few corpses left behind, which can be affected by Blood Burst but cannot be eaten for energy or armor.

I hope you guys like the idea! Let me know what you think of it.


Now, you see, you seem to be missing one thing… Although I can’t quite pinpoint what it is…

What was that Rexy?

Oh yeah, that thing is Orion Terrorsaurs.

Nice Monster Idea tho!!! :heartpulse:

So uh… useless in a power relay fight where there is no wildlife?

“Wow. Alright then.” - Caira

Seems legit.


At the Distillary there are plenty of Mammoth Birds, so this ability would be totally viable.


So… You’re telling me I can fight with this ability on one map? I would think only one point in this for utility.

This ability doesn’t do any damage to the hunters…



This ability would be game changing in any Defend map and I would guarantee you that people would call OP if it were actually a real ability. I would definitely play a blood wolf Monster, and I hope that they do something like this for Tier 6 or 7.

That’s like saying Decoy doesn’t deal damage

Thank you for the spell check, I don’t use that word very often, lol.


No, I’m just saying… That I don’t see much use of this ability… If it doesn’t do ‘instantaneous damage’ I might have to go out of position, use the ability on wildlife, lure the hunters towards the wildlife, I just don’t like the idea of the ability too much…

Anytime. I exist for your support.


True, I didn’t think of that. Still, it would be awesome if they made a Monster that used blood in its abilities, imo.


Hell yeah.



I want iiiiittt


Blood Burst can be used on the corpses generated by Tsunami and Steam Cloud. Although it won’t be as powerful as killing a lot of wildlife and resurrecting them all at once, Blood Burst can still be used in situations where wildlife isn’t present (provided you use your other abilities first).

Edit: Actually, if it’s a relay fight then Blood Burst could be even more useful. Relay fights either tend to be extended (lengthy) engagements or hit-and-run affairs, both of which could have the monster leaving quite a few corpses in the area over time (since you’d be using your powers a decent number of times). Resurrecting them all at once with Blood Burst could not only be powerful, but it could easily be the finishing blow needed to take out the wounded hunters.

In addition, I always viewed Blood Burst as a ‘pack’ kind of move. As in, when you use the ability the affected creatures make up your pack (and attack your foes, the hunters). If no hunters are around, they would simply follow you until hunters are nearby; this would allow you to kill a bunch of wildlife, Blood Burst them, and then lead them to the Relay.




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That is actually a legit god in that picture… Norse. Fenrir is his name.