T5 Monster Gen 1 Basilisk Soldier Theory Flaws

I think you have taken the ‘bullets bounce off it’ rather literally isn’t this just the opinion off the eye witnesses of the monster? so in other words only partially true(people tend to exaggerate)

This is mainly just speculation, and now that I think about it, yeah I took the “bullets bounce off of it” a bit literally :stuck_out_tongue:

Beware, Matthew is known to artfully mislead.

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Agreed, but that is pretty blunt.

Literally everything lorewise says this is not possible.

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@Matthew goes on to say it’s specifically Lovecraftian so I doubt we’ll ever know… and that’s the point.

Lovecraft is very much about the horror of the unknown. While there’s plenty of stories that include the appearance, manner and even speculation about origins… Lovecraft never gives definition on the Why; retaining that unnease and uncertainty.

It’s all about human progress/knowledge touching upon something completely unknowable.


For all we know T5 Monster might be a Hat. :tophat:


Eh, it’s a monster I don’t think the soldiers would be related to the monster races in any way regardless. It sounds boring, whatever it is, it’s an insectoid creature unlike anything we have seen or heard of before.

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Don’t steal my jokes.

True but that’s less artfully misleading and more bludgeoning. Honestly, with what we’ve seen with the Monsters, the next one being a Gen1 Basilisk would be silly and make absolutely no sense at all.

Care to elaborate why you are so convinced irrefutably so?

Thanks for not making monsters suck XP.

Behemoth is still life.

If they had an army of T5 Monsters at their disposal, their biggest problem wouldn’t have been Hub, it would have been an army of mutating, evolving monstrocities that would have killed them all. The Basilisk nebula would have paired up with Hub to stop what they created.

That and Matthew, the guy who invented all of this, said that the Monsters are not man made.

Yeh seems pretty likely that it’s not of Basilisk origin. But I’m not going to believe everything a storyteller says to me :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are stating Lovecraft as inspiration for your monsters, Humans have nothing to do with them.

It’s also possible TRS has no defined origin for the monsters and the place they come from, and couldn’t care

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the monsters were engineered by the Umbrella corporation either that or the Game Makers did…

Maybe they’ll care when Evolve 2 comes around, lore and an actual story campaign seems to be something that a lot of people believe the game lacked.

The Lore for Evolve is fine. And the last thing evolve needs is a campaign.

I don’t think an “actual” campaign would really be anything more than Evac with cutscenes.

It’s based on hunting so it really couldn’t be anything more than game modes strung together and interspersed with a clip to link them.

Seems pointless. At least to me.

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I think you’re putting too much lore in the balance for what will finally be game mechanics. Nothing is known about the monster, much less where it matters, that is, mechanics.