T5 Monster Gen 1 Basilisk Soldier Theory Flaws

I’ve heard many rumours of the T5 monster, being: Spider monster, Ant monster, and usually I’ve seen theories of it being a Gen 1 Basilisk Soldier.

Meanwhile this would make an interesting fight, I believe it wouldn’t be very balanced, here’s why:
I read in the lore, that Gen 1 Basilisk Soldiers were fought against with ChemTroopers, and Lazarus Men, as normal bullets bounced off of them (ChemTroopers because of fire over bullets, and Lazarus Men as they were capable of Revivifying the dead, also armour piercing rounds). Here’s where the balance issues would come in.

Starting off, ChemTroopers and Lazarus men, just those two alone were able to win large wars against them, so I feel it’s safe to assume this monster would have more issues than normal countering a Lazarus-Hyde combo. It would make sense from a gameplay standpoint to make it balance, but lore-wise, not so much.

Certain characters wouldn’t be able to do much, if anything at all. Some characters would become border-line useless if they went the lore-wise direction. Border-line useless bolded as these characters aren’t entirely useless however. They would include: Bucket, Maggie, Griffin, Abe, Markov, Hyde, Parnell and Torvald (maybe Slim, not entirely sure).

These characters would be border-line/half useless as they use weapons that use bullets.

Border-line Uselessness Reasonings:

  1. Bucket - His main damage source stems from his Sentry Guns. These would be comepletely useless as they fire bullets, and well, bullets bounced off of the Gen 1 Basilisk Soldiers. However he can still use his UAV, and Guided Rocket Launcher to find, and damage the monster.

  2. Maggie - Her ONLY damage source would be negated as it uses bullets, and bullets well, you know…However, not entirely useless, as she can restrict it’s mobility, track it and trap it, as goes for all trappers.

  3. Griffin - Again, his main damage source negated due to reasons you know. Not entirely useless for the same reasonings as Maggie except he can still do damage as his Harpoon Gun is not a bullet.

  4. Abe - ONLY damage source negated as it shoots bullets. Not entirely useless for the same reasons as Maggie and Griffin.

  5. Markov - Tertiary damage source negated as it shoots bullets. Not entirely useless as his Primary and Secondary sources of damage do not use bullets.

  6. Hyde - Again, Tertiary damage source negated due to bullet usage (repetitive, I know. Bare with me). Not entirely useless, as his Primary and Secondary damage sources do not use bullets.

  7. Parnell - Primary source of damage negated due to bullet usage. Not entirely useless as his Secondary damage source does not use bullets.

  8. Torvald - Primary source of damage negated due to bullet usage. Perhaps made usable by Shrapnel Grenade as it pierces armour to make weak spots (shootable spots in this situation). Not entirely useless as his Secondary damage source uses explosives over bullets.

  9. Slim - Primary source of damage and healing negated (possibly as I do not know if he uses bullets of not). Not entirely useless as he can still shoot wildlife and heal more off of those. Also, his Healing Drone can heal hunters given they aren’t being actively attacked. His Spore Cloud can still be useful as it blocks the monsters smell mechanic.

These are just my two sense on the entire Gen 1 Basilisk Soldier Monster theory.
This is also why I believe they would not make it a monster, as it would not make sense lore-wise, or balance-wise.

Agree/Disagree? Did I miss anything/anyone? Let me know.

Lorewise, bullets probably don’t really affect the monsters either. And we see how that goes in game. Regardless, I don’t support the Basilisk theory simply because it’d make the monster less interesting.

As I understand, the hunters use special “anti monster weapons”, the weapons they use against human soldiers would not be very effective. I believe an apt comparison would be using a machine gun vs a tank, probably not very effective. Their weapons are probably perfectly capable of dealing with a basilisk soldier.

I do not know for sure, but as I understand, his gun is non traditional. It might be an organic weapon made from an arm he grew for the purpose of making it, but I don’t really know.

If we’re going to reason by lore it makes no sense that fire breath doesn’t one hit kill everything but Lennox. It makes no sense that the hunters can take more than a single normal melee from any monster. It makes no sense that Behemoth isn’t impervious to half the damaging weapons in game. Cabot’s Railcannon should instagib a monster, no matter what. Medic’s healing makes no sense- it’s derived from Generyst, a chemical that stimulates rapid mitosis, but where is the extra biomass coming from?

Could go on and on and on.

Point being, you cannot and should not balance based off of lore.


I think the reason people assume some link between the monsters and the mutagen tech is that the game provides no answers to the question “where are the monsters from?”

We want the monsters nature and origin to be Lovecraftian. Any explanation as simple as “humans engineered them” for whatever reason or with whatever tech, would quickly be thrown out.



On that note, when, if ever, will questions like this be answered in the game?

Hyde’d be viable vs a Gen1 if his chemsprayer were actually using chemspray munition rather than fuel to make it a flamethrower.

Flies off

I think you have taken the ‘bullets bounce off it’ rather literally isn’t this just the opinion off the eye witnesses of the monster? so in other words only partially true(people tend to exaggerate)

This is mainly just speculation, and now that I think about it, yeah I took the “bullets bounce off of it” a bit literally :stuck_out_tongue:

Beware, Matthew is known to artfully mislead.

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Agreed, but that is pretty blunt.

Literally everything lorewise says this is not possible.

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@Matthew goes on to say it’s specifically Lovecraftian so I doubt we’ll ever know… and that’s the point.

Lovecraft is very much about the horror of the unknown. While there’s plenty of stories that include the appearance, manner and even speculation about origins… Lovecraft never gives definition on the Why; retaining that unnease and uncertainty.

It’s all about human progress/knowledge touching upon something completely unknowable.


For all we know T5 Monster might be a Hat. :tophat:


Eh, it’s a monster I don’t think the soldiers would be related to the monster races in any way regardless. It sounds boring, whatever it is, it’s an insectoid creature unlike anything we have seen or heard of before.

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Don’t steal my jokes.

True but that’s less artfully misleading and more bludgeoning. Honestly, with what we’ve seen with the Monsters, the next one being a Gen1 Basilisk would be silly and make absolutely no sense at all.

Care to elaborate why you are so convinced irrefutably so?

Thanks for not making monsters suck XP.

Behemoth is still life.