T5 Monster Concept Art (Maybe)?

Forum user @ColtRosewood found talk about something that may hint at the appearance of the 5th Monster. He found that it talks about a spider-type of Monster with a singular eye. What makes this interesting to me is that upon searching the web one day a couple weeks back I found this:

This is an image of a “Flesh Spider” drawn by a one such “Stephen-0akley” and can but found on his deviant-art page however I found it through Google. What I find interesting is that when I found this I posted it to the forums and some people said that Stephen Oakley is a concept artist for Evolve, so I thought it was amazing that I may have found some T5 Monster concept art however NOW thanks to @ColtRosewood I feel that this may be what the 5th Monster MAY look like, not exactly but heavily inspired.


I think this monster will be the most terrifying out all :scream: Btw, nice find, it really looks like the silhouette from the video :smile:

Awesome find! That is exceptionally chilling and I can only hope we get something so creepy…

As I said in the other post, I think it will have one eye or three “slats” as its eye due to that being the way Lennox’s robot suit is designed. I feel the one eye theory holds more grounds though since finding out about the Griffin comments.

Also, I have to give credit where credit is due, as @Ubliterator is the one who found and posted the screenshot you quoted. I thanked him and let him know I was borrowing it for my thread :slight_smile:


I SWEAR I’ve seen a thread talking about this piece of art before.

@Rapterror I posted the concept art on another thread when I first found it.

Ohhh, okay. My bad. :smile:

The picture looks disturbing lol

Please no.
No nightmare fuel.

Yesssss, YESSSSSS!!

I really want the 5th Monster to be Nightmare Fuel personified.

I want it to be called Nightmare Fuel.

…I just like Nightmare Fuel.


Nah, I follow the guy who drew this on a website (Steven Oakley) and I’m pretty sure it was a personal work
BUT it does look like a spider/host type monster. I’ll have to check

I need a Nightmare Fuel monster… Scaring people is fun…

This would be SICK.

I will prefer that the monster had a eye, but as the monster is a humanoid insect i think that it will has two eyes as a human.

Well…Griffin is talking about a Rigelian Cyclops. He states that they are wayyyy bigger than the Monster.

They have eyes all over their limbs and a single one on their…“head.”

Mate that is disgusting, the worst thing is those giant spider butts that are squishy and filled with organs. I always wonder when people eat a spider like a tarantula do all the tightly packed intestines just explode out of that butt when bit and go all over inside of your mouth.

If T5 look this awesomely scary, it will be a straight buy from me

Neu. ~.~
I lack the abilities to deal with nightmare fuel.

If this becomes reality… I’ll never play any other monster ever again :heart:

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I’ve just commented on the original artwork and Stephen says it, sadly, is NOT concept art… ;-;
Sry Thread but your basically done :frowning: