T5 is coming yet Behemoth is still bad


Am I the only one who is extremely unpleased with him? It’s a freaking pay-to-loose dlc.

His traversal is total shit. He is being stopped by a tiny wildlife. He is ultra-inertial and stamina hungry. And after all this disadvantages we can speak about this - his traversal is only usable on flat ground, so he cant force hunters to use jetpacks to climb. This is so unreliable, frustrating. It’s a nightmare to play as him. Not to mention bugs when he moves - now he can fly from the cliffs in the air slower than he runs.

He is so slow that wildlife can easily escape him. Not to mention fights. He is so bad that Torvald(who is nerfed to oblivion) is a big threat to him. I think anything is a threat for him, my favorite is electric gangbang by Mamoth birds. You cant even stop Laz while punching him or body.

Why he cant aim his Lava bomb the same way as rock throw?

You can win as Behemoth, but it’s less about your skill, it’s more about luck or bad hunters team.


Really? Other than the occasional bug I haven’t had problems. In my eyes he’s the best monster, but hey, that’s just me man. I think the difference is he’s got a bit of a curve. Lava bombs, really shouldn’t be like rock throw. With the range and rafius it has it would be a bit too strong, but hey, that’s just my thoughts man. You do yiu


one fix that would make him scary beyond all reason.

inner rock wall cant be climbed. GG


Well there’s a thread about having improvementa done to him ( a lot of good ideas there) and i do hope the devs have seen them


Yeah, curve, git gud, l2p.

Look at the mechanics. His traversal is unreliable, and his is a bit out of place. Every monster can easily change elevation - except Behemoth. He cant make hunters waste thier jetpacks - he rolls on flat ground. And he cant even roll effectively. He will be stopped by some tiny things. Or for example pack of Mamoth birds - what he can do on the run? He cant Jump/Fly/Warp through them he should either get zzap or stop, cast fissure, then roll - it takes ages for him.


best advice is to know your roll path way before you get to the point to start it. aka build the meter all the way and wait. even if they are on your tail. then go 100-0 and get as far as you can. if you know the maps well you can dodge most wildlife on the way.

except for yesterday i had a dam sloth spawn right in front of me. so lame.


I play with a solid crew and we’ve came across very good behemoths

It’s just a matter of being good, not buff him because you suck

I’ve also played against really good wraiths


You have to be good at combat to be good with Behemoth. If not, your weaknesses are magnified x10.


He doesnt need buffs just improvements which would greatly help him

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I think he is in a good spot right now. I think if he can get more roll damage specifically to wildlife, and if some of his bugs were fixed, he’d be in a great place.
All I can really say is, get good at him.
I hate to say it, but unless you are putting immense pressure on the hunters with him, you are doing it wrong.


yeah behemoth is weak (easily the weakest monster) he desperately needs some kind of buff evidenced by the fact he is never chosen in competitive play if he was any good you would see him in tourneys.

not sure how I would fix him…his lava bomb seems to take way to long and is easy to dodge* (this seems to be a problem with all his abilities actually) not sure why they over-nerfed his traversal but perhaps ruducing the cooldown on his roll would help?

*unless you happen to be in a cave


I don’t like how he has to complete every animation before doing the next action, unlike every other monster. Makes him feel too slow and clunky in my opinion. Bugged roll can be quite game braking as well :L


except for fissure. it can be ended early into another move.

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Bro maybe he isn’t your monster. He is fine to me. Just use your rock wall correct and you won’t loose


see the problem with denying he’s weak is that you may convince the devs he’s fine as is meaning he wont get fixed forcing those of us that play behemoth to move to a different monster as we understand that he’s weak. so essentially what you’re doing is moving people away from playing the most fun monster to play against (imo) and take up a less fun monster. personally iv’e started to learn how to play kraken because of how weak behemoth is.


I personally SUCK at Behemoth. all you people who say he is good and does not need any changes can u give some hints and tips to help those who are having trouble playing him like me i have been only playing behemoth straight for two days and i haven’t one a arena yet!!! Please help


hes not the greatest in arena. basically bcuz you have to choose between utility or damage. you dont really get both as much.

u def need full meter. against bad teams you can beat them with fissure and roll spam. but good teams you wont get very far and will die fast.

most ppl in arena run laz. so dont go after laz. get assault down if you chose 2 in rock u can eat him unless they chose cabot. rinse and repeat until laz is the last alive


Those people are all on conso- kidding! I’m kidding.

In all seriousness, to those who say Bob is good- I agree that he’s a POWERHOUSE. He just has a SWAMP of damage and if you fight him in a place where it’s hard for you to kite he will destroy you. Is he balanced though? No. He does need buffs but I’d really call them fixes as opposed to buffs. The roll needs to be better. No argument there. It’s in need of improvements…Badly. His abilities are reeeeeaaaaally clunky to chain together with melee and movement in fights since the roll tweaks and I feel that needs some attention. Tongue Grab needs to, oh, I don’t know, actually work half the time? :stuck_out_tongue: And I feel like he could still use some more Armor and health, or some passive DR.

So he is weak at the moment mainly because of those things. A good team will find you and then you will never ever escape.


We call them improvements :<


In general behemoth is fine, but he doesn’t feel fine. It is the feeling that is important. Lava bomb is too slow to cast, the delay in moving in to traversal is just a tad to long, personally I think rockwall needs a tweak on how its aim is represented.

Just tightening the timings up on this kind of stuff would make a world of difference. Not being able to respond until near the end of an orbital barrage in some circumstances is just nasty