T5 hunters - pricing model question


Does anybody know how the pricing model will look like?

Do you have to buy each one for 7,50$ ( correct? )
or will there be another season pass or bundle?


I would personally hope there’s a bundle.


if you bought the season pass for hunters, they shouldn’t charge you for any more hunters and if they do then they will losr a lot of players.


Nah, the season pass was only for T4. But that was clear from the beginning. Additional hunters
will cost extra. And I’m OK with that if it will support developement of T6 and hopefully more.
Well, it might become a really expensive game. That’s why I hope for another bundle.

Also, but it might be my mistake, that was my impression when I first saw the dlc model.

(p.s. I was also hoping for a PS4 premium edition with everything included)


The season pass is for 1 hunting season. :wink:


So far there isn’t any reason to think they would change their pricing structure. $7.50 each. However, we only know of 2 confirmed T5 hunters. SO I don’t know if they will have a bundle and/or there are more than that.


Didn’t they announce full T5 and two T6? That’s what I’ve heard as far as I’m correct.


Nope, Full T4, 1 additional T5 Monster and 2 T5 Hunters. At least.


The price will be the same most likely, and as they laid it out, the more DLC gets sold the longer they are able to support Evolve with new stuff. So ready up that wallet!


I hope there’s a whole tier 5. Not just 2 hunters. Just an Assault and a Medic would be kinda lame, and EVERYONE would think those 2 were super OP.


Maybe it’s 2 supports! :smiley: Bucket 2.0 and Buckold 1.7 :smiley:


I REALLY want another Bucket. More than anything, BUT, I’m pretty sure Buckets going to be an assault!! I can’t remember who said it, I think Parnell, but sometimes when Bucket gets incapped they will say “we need to get you a new suit, this one keeps getting knocked on its ass”
I REALLY want a Buckey assault, that’s supposedly being controlled by Bucket the same time he controls the other suit, AND flys the ship. Their dialogue would be awesome!!!


I’ve been voting for Bucket as Assault since the beginning :smiley: Shiny red chassis and Cabot + Bucket dialogue. Even better. Cabot + Abe + Bucket.


“The humans are dead, send more robots!!!”

Buckets one of my favorite personalities, I think he would get all ballsy with his new suit!!!

“Wraith!! I’m being attacked!!! To bad I don’t have a shield, OH WAIT I DO!!!”


Lmao. You only get 6 hunters and behemoth I believe with the season pass. Why would they keep handing out free stuff when they don’t charge for maps or modes?


The season pass only includes four hunters and the magma skins, not Behemoth.
Behemoth was only free for people who preordered the game with season pass.


because when you buy the game everything should be included, game companies nowadays are taking advantage of their gamers and idiots who buy dlc two days after the game comes out aren’t helping. It’s a scam for more $.sad really


Unfortunately Season pass is T4 hunters and magma skins only.

Those 2 extra hunters and T5 monster are for the pc monster race edition (yay for me) Hoping they come out with 4 T5 hunters and let each person pick which 2 they want :open_mouth:


So if T5 came out in December and it clearly had not been made until after the game was released would you still deserve it for free?


The game is what you bought - the base game. They didn’t hide anything on their website about what was included and many sites did a side by side comparison between what special editions provided what.

Base Game: 3 monsters and 12 hunters - all future maps and game modes free - Free skins for certain events and community challenges This is more than what most games will provide in a base game. :+1:

You probably don’t understand the amount of time and money it takes to make a game of this caliber. This is what is considered a next-gen game. Its not a crappy cookie cutter fps or moba. A lot of the mechanics they are doing are quite advanced and have not been done before in this type of way so there isn’t a work reference. They have to make back the money they spent developing and then some for future endeavors - not just break even.

BTW: The current game companies make a game, as was always done, but now they provide consistent support and more content in the future for it by selling part of that new content. The more detailed and difficult the game, the more the content will cost consumers due to development costs. :v:

Perspective people - replay value VS cost. It is $60 for game with 100s of hours of play value. $60 worth of movie tickets provides 21hrs of movie time assuming each ticket costs just over $8 and each movie last 3hrs - which most don’t so that’s even less hours of entertainment.