T5 Hunter tease in Broken Hill Mines?


Look who I found chilling in Broken Hill Mines! This was during a Hunt match.

She looks like a miner who survived the attack. She doesn’t say much. Or have a pulse. But that wont stop Laz from helping out T5.


That’s a glitch that happens on all maps. Those are dead humans that spawn in the more urban areas of maps. The monster can eat them for 1 bar of Armor or Evolve-Meter.


My attempt at humour has failed…


Attempts at humor go into Off-Topic. Bug reports go into Bugs. Which would you like me to place this in?


Damn man… a little fierce, u alright?



I’m perfectly fine. Just attempting to help fit this into the correct category.


She looks like she’s inviting Hyde to have a cup of tea. :stuck_out_tongue:


Emotions like a robot. Doesn’t feel anger or happiness, just does what it’s programed to do; place topics in right categories.


Don’t you love when the undead rise to reap revenge against the monsters?


Are you saying I’m a robot, Omega369? As that would not be too far from the truth. :wink:


I’d invite Hyde to have a cup of tea.
Not me though. Don’t like tea.