T5 A Basilisk?

What if this monster is a generation 1? Maybe in gen 2 they wrote a code to make them not evolve into something horrid. Then they carried it onto Gen 3 giving them extra set of lungs and a stronger exoskeleton ETC. The point is maybe it is a gen 1 and didn’t write the code.

Don’t tell me it’s impossible, cause we don’t know what year it is there and they have healing technology, a device to bring people back from the dead, spaceships and more to come, don’t forget that the planet has extraordinary wildlife, monster and other created worlds

Pretty sure that everyone involved with the game’s creation process has said that this isn’t the case.


Computer sez nahhh.


Well on that note, thank you

Just by the video and others…What are it’s powers/abilities? How does it use a traversal? So many questions, so little patience. I NEED A TEASE!

Nobody knows. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know but it’s just confusing

It’s traversal is [REDACTED]
It’s abilities are [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED]
It’s name is [MEGA REDACTED]


You don’t know [REDACTED]


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No it was a compliment you would have seen it if it hadn’t been hidden

(Rolls eye) Well then you are a [REDACTED]

[redacted] [REDACTED] [Redacted]

You’re mom is [REDACTED] XD

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I think the new monster is gonna have at least two different traversals one for stage 1 and one for stage 3. I believe at stage one it will run/crawl very fast as its traversal at stage three I think it gonna grow wings and fly.

This new tier said each character are gonna have new mechanics, so I believe the monster might have different traversals for its different stages.