T4's feel automated, lacking skill requirement


I’ve spent a fair bit of time with the new crew, and playing them really does feel like less thinking is required.

Sunny- Shield Drone; Being a deployable, it has no ammo/battery and can charge forever. When the team is focused on dancing 10m-15m around the Drone, Sunny is free to attack or Boost whomever is being focused.

Torvald- Shotgun; This is his primary weapon, akin to Flamethrower & Lightning Gun. The whole point of Assault’s primary is CQC (close quarters combat). When you’re in the Monster’s face, hitting the weakpoint area becomes much easier. Since he spends the entire magazine with a single click (and quite rapidly at that), very little aiming is required.

Crow- Stasis Gun; Out of all the Trappers, Crow’s snare is the only weapon which functions independent of the environment. All other snares can be moved away from, broken directly, or broken via LoS (line of sight). Once Crow’s snare hits, Monster has no choice but to ride out the duration, allowing Crow to get in a few potshots before switching back to snare, with time to spare.

Slim- Healing Drone; Another ‘set it and forget it’ weapon. Far as I know, the Healing Drone has no cooldown, or so minimal as to be irrelevant. Although Slim trades raw healing power for better utility like Val, this does not change the fact that he can heal and revive without drawing attention to himself, or even pausing his damage dealing.

In short, the T4 Hunters are simply too easy. Despite having the most automated skills, they do not suffer from a lack of power. I want to be mad, a weekend of playtesting with any regular player could have told TRS that T4s have a problem. But at this point, they have let me down so frequently that I’m just depressed, though not surprised. If you actually made it this far and are not a fanboy, have a cookie on me :smile:


That was the point make hunters everyone can play and can join to all requirements


Sunny - Shield drone is unreliable and good monsters can abuse its targeting AI quite easily, I’ve found. Also, it does have its own battery and recharge rate.

Crow - Val’s Tranq darts are also snares that you just have to wait out. They are also, according to everyone I know, much easier to hit with.

Slim - The healing drone has no cooldown, but it does have a cast time, pausing his damage dealing. It also is useless on the monster’s focus target. If it’s healing someone who is alive during a fight, it’s because the monster has better things to do, or has lost track of the target you’re healing. It is really good for stealth revives, though.

Torvald - As I understand it, he really wants to be hitting with his mortars over his shotgun, and they have a minimum range.


Yup everything has a counter. Tier 4 are a little less specialized, but still as easily beaten as any other tier.



Does Sunny’s drone start its cooldown BEFORE it is destroyed?

If not that is some broken shiz D=

I felt like every time I killed the drone it was just right back up…


It does not appear to have a cooldown. What it has instead though is an arm time like Markov’s mines or Maggie’s harpoons. When it is thrown it has to charge it’s shield capacity to full before it becomes active.


Sunny doesn’t have a cooldown for placing the drone. It won’t start shielding until it has fully charged its battery after being placed though.


Ugh… I don’t really like that D=

Probably too weak the way I want it tho :stuck_out_tongue:


torvald has no minimum range, he can aim up with those and hit right in front of him lol


This idea that somehow T4 abilities - which are mostly based on other abilities already in the game - are more “automated” or require less skill is quite frankly a rationalization to make people feel better. The real issue here is that new abilities are available across different characters and classes, making Hunter comps far more versatile, and the primary damage dealers of T4 - Mortars, Mininukes, armor-bypassing Kinetic Rifle shots, Leech Gun - are quite powerful. The mechanics are interesting takes on previous weapons & abilities we’ve seen combined in unique ways. A lot of people are still in the process of developing counters to them, which is to be expected. None of the abilities listed are without drawbacks, some significant, and judging by the descriptions the OP does not have a full understanding of how some of them work, so this whole line of thought is a bit presumptive & misguided.


That’s so true OP.

When I play as Sunny or slim, I feel like im here for damage the monster, because with Slim it’s needed for the heal.
And for Sunny, my bot can shield everyone instanly, and I can place it everywhere I want because there is no cooldown, so I can just spam it until the good place, no brain requiered! and when it’s placed, I just have to DPS again, and sometimes use a jetpack boost for my friend.

When I play with a full T4 hunters team, I do not feel the TEAMWORK.


When I play with t1-t3 hunters I don’t feel the teamwork sometimes either, but if they do their jobs and don’t try to just DPS, I do. It depends on the player. If slim isn’t using his spore gun and checking to see if someone has pulled away from the monster that needs his heal drone, and is only heal bursting and shooting, he’s short changing his team.

If sunny isn’t putting her shield drone in a high place with good Los, and jetpack boosting hunters when they are being focused, and only spamming nukes. She’s not being a team player.

If crow isn’t keeping the monster slowed and keeping it located, (which is vital against low stage monsters and wraith) he’s not being a team player.

Assualt is assualt. He shoots and does damage and tries to keep the monsters attention. (Which sadly some people fail miserably at the latter part) He should also be punishing the monster when he focuses anyone else.

These new hunters are still all about the team, but if your team mates aren’t it will show.


You can use Torvalds mortas in melee just look strait up and you can drop them on your position


I agree with you, teamworks depend of how players play their hunter, but, Sunny for example, the only way you feel you are teamworking is only Jetpack boosting the trapper at first, then find a good place to plant your shield-bot. That’s all. During a fight, it’s only about DPS’ing.

As hank, you have to shield OR dps, and you better not place a bad placed air strike because it has cooldown.

As Cabot, you have to use AMP damage or DPS, and you better not neither miss your dust.

As Bucket, he is very aggresive too, as sunny, but you need to have a good aim to hit with his rocket launcher, his turrets are easy to destroy and he can help the trapper too with his VAT. He can massive damage only with his turrets I repeat which are FIX and easy to destroy.

As Sunny, you can dps AND shield at the same time, why not, but the shield-bot is hard to destroy + you do not care about place it not at the best place you could, because there is no cooldown on it. PLUS the shield-bot is too strong, I don’t know if you tried to destory it as monster, but believe me, a LVL 3 rockthrow is not always enough.

So, when I play Sunny, except when I’m boosting trapper, I do not feel I’m teamworking.


I’ve destroyed it as kraken by accident before. I just think its tiny so its harder to hit.


I just cant believe they recycled a weapon from one of the worst games ever made to be torvald’s main gun. I hate using that damn shotgun.


Throw a banshe mine and melee at it. Problem solved.


Play as somebody else


Agreed. Banshee mines are underrated I think.


Yeah maybe… I’ll do some tests.

But what I wanted to say at first was about teamworking feeling, so when I’m playing as Sunny, except when I’m boosting trapper, I do not feel I’m teamworking. A shield-bot shield everyone for me, I do not care about placing it in the best area, I just random place it then REplace it where the fight area is. No cooldown, no worries about wasting it.