T4 & T5 Skins


So, I can’t help but notice that Emet and Kala got extra purchasable skins when they were released. Emet got the Valkyrie skin and Kala got the Jellyfish skin. We also got the Ragnarok skin for Torvald and the Valkyrie skin for Slim as well. I really love the skins in this game and they give the game even more variety.

I would definitely buy any new skins that TRS comes out with as I have all of the purchasable skins. I would love some skins for the rest of tier 4 and 5, especially for Jack and Crow because they’re the trappers I play the most often.

I guess I just want to know if we will be getting any more skins for these characters any time soon… Thanks TRS for all the hard work you put into this game!!


Yes! Yes! Make it happen or I will unleash disgusted Crow upon you all!


Valkyrie skin :slight_smile:


I need to calm down on the Crow pics, it’s turning into the Vendalra situation.


Lol I just loaded up Evolve to check what it was called when you replied XD


Nighthunter Skin for Lennox and Jack plz




No Crow? Why no one want to see glowing Gobi?


Even the Maneater skin for Crow would be awsome. And all of the trapper skins for Jack.


I will never make Gobi pink. He doesn’t deserve such harsh treatment.


I want Jack skins!


Pink/purple skins for Slim, Jack, Crow and Emet and I will pay all the money I possibly can.


Night Hunter for EMET, Jack and Crow please.



I have all current night hunter skins for all classes, if I could get all night hunter skins for all of tier 4 and 5 that’d be great (Torvalds might be questionable but I’d buy it anyways heheh)


I disagree we need more crow pics!


Do you not want to see pure majestic beauty soaring across the sky? .–.


I do, when it’s nice and glowing. Like the Monsters after Emet nukes them.


Yes to more skins for T4 and T5! At least give everyone one. It felt like such a tease when Torvald and Slim got skins and that was it.

P.S. You have made multiple skin related threads. I appreciate your enthusiasm for skins.


I love the skins in this game and will keep buying them to support Evolve.