T4 Rocks ! Behemoth...nahhh. Hunter Race FTW!


The new hunters are awesome ! Now…lets see what happens when a team decided to do a Cabot+Torvald combo…it’ll be 4th of july and a recibe for a dead monster,specialy hank+torvald combo…wait…that will turn into Michael Bay movie…well then…EXPLOSION ! Yeah,Murica ! Fµ€k yeah !
Warning: multiple F-bomb incoming !
Behemoth…i dont care about mofuka anymore. Just jump in and moments later, i got completly butt fµ€k by the hunters because his health melts so quickly,specially with his stupid big easy to target weak spot. He suppose to be the tank monster, i mean how the hell is he tanky ? He’s fµ€k!ng squishy as wraith ! Behemoth should be tanky like he needs to be and his weak spot should be hard to target. TRS might dont know what a tank char means. Well tanks are the hard hitting and hard to kill enemies,but they are slow as fµ€k like behemoth but only a easy to kill.
The only problem im having on his skill is his lava bomb. He should gurgle his lava on his mouth while we’re still aiming. Its so stupid,i mean no one is getting hit by it cause they know its coming,and by doing this, you’ll be exposing his weak spot which is so stupid ! Well…from this day…ill be siding with the hunters now,screw the monsters. This not what i expect for the big guy which breaks my heart because ive waited for so long. I didnt say i completely hate behemoth…its just…disappoiting for what TRS did to him,i mean this is not what i expect for behemoth. But its not to late for them,they still can make him for harder to kill like what he needs to be and make his weak spot small and less punishing,and thats what a tank sounds like.
So yeah, i big win for the T4 hunters and a big disapointing for the new monster