T4 new badges?


So question… Has anyone figure out how to unlock more of the crossed bones category of badges? The behemoth heads? And rounded hexagon background?


The Behemoth badges are unlocked by mastering each of his skills. I.E., Elite Tongue Grab, individual badge.

I’m curious about the other two as well. My friend assumes the crossed bones is eliting all of Tier 4.


But I have crossed kurhi and I don’t even know how


Does anyone have new info on how to get crossed weapons badges??


I think they are just mastery things like behemoth. Some of them are probabyl challenges to cause I think i got one for behemoth for playing a certain number of games


Ya i just wish there was a definate answer on how to get some of them


Here’s what I know:

Each of the Behemoth head badges are related to getting Elite status in each of his skills. As for the hexagon background and crossed bones? I have no idea.

I had thought that maybe it’s for getting elite with all t4, but that has proven to be false since they did not unlock after I finished elite on t4.


Ya i just wish someone could give a list of all requirements, I’ve looked all over