T4 Masteries Gunked up?


I’m a little confused as to why some of my tier 4 hunter Masteries appear to be getting zero progress. The ones that seem to never progress despite every which way I try is Torvalds tier one shrapnel grenade and Slims tier two spore cloud. For the life of me I have used spore gun relentlessly in battle to coat the monster to keep him in the cloud but I have yet to receive any additional progress towards mastery. Same with Torvalds grenades. It seems as though it in an entire match of using grenades and whether myself or some one else hits the criticals I gain maybe 12 towards progress.

I am willing to accept that I’m doing something wrong but I’m wondering if anyone else is having any issues.


No issues here.

As for the spore cloud. They all have to be connected. If he gets fresh air for a split second it’s over.