T4 Hunters "OP" or Monster players lazy? (wall of text with grammer :D))


Hi there! Long time listener, first time caller.

I have skimmed the forums now for a month or so with an open mind. I have learned a great deal here about the game and how others have reacted to it. So, here’s my two cents on our new DLC:

With our newest set of Hunters arriving last night, I was excited to play as a Monster and experience their new abilities. And after having played with/against a group of communicating and experienced hunters, I’d have to say that the new T4 hunters offer a challenge I haven’t seen yet in Evolve.

I play as Goliath, mostly. Over the past 2+ weeks, I’ve been whooping ass as Stage 2 Goliath most of my games versus both novice and experienced hunters. When I logged in to play as a Monster last night, the tables were turned.

I found myself fleeing mid-feed most of my Stage 2 phase. These new Hunters keep Monsters on their toes. Between Sunny’s jetpack boost to help transverse the environment, Torvald’s ranged mortars being dropped on feeding Monsters, and Crow’s frequent flying companion, I was forced to keep my distance. Needless to say, the newest Hunters can keep a Monster mobile and exposed.

Like the title suggests: I don’t think the new Hunters are “OP” at all. I DO think that these new guys offer something to the game that wasn’t emphasized before: Fast-paced gameplay for the Monsters. It was thrilling for me to try and keep myself outside of Dome range while Sunny slingshots the Trapper towards me, or to line-of-sight Crow in fear of his threatening armor-piercing rifle while his pet keeps tabs on me. It is a challenge that is long overdue.

I approve of T4 as a Monster player. I think even after Monsters get a chance to develop their own strategies against the newcomers, the new guys bring a new spice to the recipe of Evolve and I, for one, am excited to start playing as the new Hunters later today. :smiley:

(Disclaimer: I’m horrible at review. Please mind the typos/errors.)


Grammar is spelled with an ‘a’ :stuck_out_tongue: now imma read the post XD

Edit: There are a few things doing a little more damage than the devs intended like the mortar launcher… that thing just absolutely destroys. But I agree that for the most part they’re actually very diverse and balanced and definitely requires a new direction for the monsters to take in terms of strategy.