T4 Hunters not available for Xbox One yet?


I see that people are playing online with the new hunters for PC and PS4. Why can’t people with Xbox One play with then online too? From what I’ve read it seems they are available in a custom evacuation but I’m not sure if that’s confirmed or not. I haven’t seen discussion on this anywhere besides reddit but maybe I’m just not looking in the right place.


Looking into this for you all now!! Sit tight.

What I can tell you is, regardless, all the characters will be available at 5pm PDT today in any mode if you prepurchased.


Sorry to bother you Jess, but just for clarification: for those who did not pre-purchase, there is no set timetable on when the DLC hunters will be made available for purchase? You posted something to that effect in the pinned thread but I just wanted to be sure I understood correctly (as I’m one of those “just want to buy 2 of the new hunters” type of guy, and had just assumed up till this point that they would be available for purchase on the 31st).


I thought only Behemoth came with a pre-purchase. I’m getting confused Jess P:

Unless you meant the season pass pre-purchase?


I think she means if you pre-purchased the Season Pass you can play them at 5 PM PDT tonight. I don’t think they go on sale in the store until tomorrow.


Thanks. I’m dealing with a lot of conflicting information right now. :'D


Yeah I know the feeling. I will be playing Evolve tonight regardless, so if I get to play with all the new stuff at some point, all the better.


Is this Xbox only? Because I thought they came out the 31st on pc


Thank you for the update :blush:


It all came a day early, but Xbox is behind for the day.


I bought the Season Pass yesterday. Does that mean that I’ll be able to play as the new hunters today?


After the update, my game has become very laggy. Do u have any advice?


Im a little, extraordinarily pissed, does she mean 5 pm tomorrow? Because its midnight, are we gonna have to wait until 5 ON THE RELEASE DATE while everyone else is going on their merry way


Yeah, the new hunters and Behemoth still aren’t available for me on Xbox One.


I had to go to the games and apps > Evolve > Manage game > Then I had to sit there for a few minuets before the “ready to install” thing came up with all of the characters.


Never mind. I did something wrong. It works for me.