t4 hunters do too much damage


I came up with this while playing behemoth against all t4 except Hyde as assault. I alerted carrion birds and decided to ambush the hunters cause we were playing on aviary. So one hunter is ahead of the crew and I manage to seal him off and down him without losing much armor. Now assault is down so I figured I could camp his body since I won’t be in danger anymore. But then I noticed that my health was down about 2 bars. The remaining hunters went through my armor and health that fast I thought. I was pretty sure I must’ve done something wrong. But they continued to dish out massive punishment. Sunny slim and crow do too much damage. It’s like going against 4 assaults who can heal shield and slow you down. This makes the hunters too independent of each other and lessens the coordination and teamwork needed to win as hunters. As of now t4 hunters don’t have to work together cause slim can do hecka damage while spamming his healing burst which has crazy range, sunny can shield everyone while firing nukes, and crow can slow the monster track him or do damage without having to plan his movements or cut him off. Crow is the only trapper to ever catch me by running behind me and shooting me. Sorry for the rant but I felt everyone just focused on torvald when he wasn’t the only problem with the health melting.


There is a bug on behemoth where every part of the body is a 2x multiplier. It really sucks, but T4 isn’t that much more powerful than other tiers.


They don’t do too much damage just people need to learn how to counter, I’ve said this too many times. I know you aren’t specifically talking about torvald but torvald is literally useless in point blank range, while Hyde is useless at long range, it’s just a different hunter style people have to get use to.

Counters I’ve found is

Torvald: get close and don’t stop moving
Slim: try to isolate him and hit him so often he can’t shoot
Sunny: destroy or get out of line of sight of drone (not much you can do to stop her damage)
Crow: just keep track of him but if you scare birds then get the hell away from that spot so go i doesn’t see you

If someone has other counters please tell


Sunny’s Drone can be worked around easily by using your strongest attacks on your real target and then taking potshots at everybody except them until your best burst move is back up. Her Drone shields the last person to take damage, so if you juggle between strong and weak attacks, it can keep the pressure on and get around the shield. It still buys the Hunters time to heal and regroup and denies quick focuses unless you’ve got some really strong attacks ready to use, but it’s something to keep in mind if you find it too much trouble to keep destroying the Drone directly.


I STRONGLY agree with you! Honestly I felt (outside of the wraith) pre-update this game was super well balanced especially playing as or against the kraken or goliath and the only problems I had with wraith was it was almost impossible to dome the thing (unless they were terrible) before it hit stage three and wrecked your team. Post-update the monster is basically getting chased by 4 T4 wraiths(as how ridiculously strong each one is they can basically break into 2 man groups and take you down with out the other two even showing up its really made me want to quit playing this game as the monster were some of my favorite change ups from other games. Of all the new hunters sunny and torvold are seriously overpowered and with TRS releasing them I felt they did not even test them honestly I would have rather waited until June or longer than deal with this garbage.

  1. Sunny’s drone alone adds a hank to your party a lot of people are saying its limited, but on several occasions have I seen the thing shielding someone over 15-20m away and shielding them before they even getting hit making it a super smart AI hank always on the team and while that is out it leaves her to keep anyone else from getting trapped or wrecking the monster with her mininuke which makes all other supports less fun and completely removes anyone from ever picking bucket (what is the point when crow does the job of your head, sunny shield is easily 30x better than easily destroyable turrets as it takes several hits to take down and she just throws a new one up in a second.

  2. Torvold what else is their to say other than God of the assaults as if they begged for Ares to help and they got 100 Ares packed into one little shell. With markov and hyde throwing AOE grenades (with a long cool down, but is justified by the damage now) or 5 mines that do heavy damage if the monster goes through with out destroying them that take time to set up and can be wrecked if the monster is smart, when you have a dude that can drop 15k damage (a game easy even with bad aim) and doesn’t need time to set up or cooldown and was suppose to not be able to drop it in close range, but that was a lie or a mistake. Parnell was suppose to be a good answer to the kraken, but why bother with the changes on stasis it makes him an easy target as well as everyone else(monster wise) for a good mortar shot to the face.

  3. Crow what is to say that has not already been said DAY 1 of the update. He is overpowered fantastic ideas, but overpowered. Let us start with gobi yeah a bat that can be sent indefinitely in any direction with no cooldown, range, sure it only tracks the monster for 2 seconds, but when you can see which way it is going it is not hard to track (think carrion birds that need a touch of guidance and is permanent) that seems like a great idea no one will hate it! Stasis gun was a fantastic idea and really cool way to deal with kraken, but with the stasis now dropping the kraken it makes him OP (against kraken mostly, but when I played against him as the behemoth a sunny kept throwing him high in the air and he would snipe me slowing me down no matter where I was so (insert favorite curse word) Really cool idea though. The sniper is not as OP as most are saying I can see why people think that, but with other hunters he can slowly damage the monster over the course of the game raising their chances, but since sunny makes everyone a tank with her super drone it is pointless since the monsters armor gets shredded fast it makes this totally pointless.

  4. Slim I honestly do not think he needs much tweaking as he is the most tame of all of the new hunters he is probably the only one who was really tested (honestly does any of the new hunters seem fair?) to see if he was balanced before they jacked the whole thing up. His heals are fast and he does some damage that is what he is suppose to do and honestly can you really argue this? His bug heals at any range unless they get hurt fantastic idea, make his burst heal CD quicker with leech gun cool idea but maybe double the amount of shots required to CD the burst since he is suppose to be more damage at a cost of healing not better at healing than val or caira and dealing almost 1.5x the amount of damage. Other than that he is perfect and the increase of damage should be at a cost of healing that is his place.

  5. Behemoth THE COOLEST monster idea hands down and with how tanky and the fact that he can not jump should make him sound like the perfect new addition to the monster family! Except the new hunters are always on top of you no matter how fast or stealthy you are it is a matter of birds of the ground or sky once discovered it is a game of cat and mouse and your the mouse with 2 broken legs. Once the hunters get tweaked I am hoping soon this dude will be a fun new addition into the monster family, but it is super frustrating as any monster trying to down any hunter and all sunny has to do is drop a drone in a decent spot and bam your next 2 moves and few attacks are worthless. What is that you say attack the drone okay 3-4 shots to take it down not bad now time to hit a hunte… dang where did this shield come from?

I would love to hear any comments or any counter arguments.


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That explains only the behemoth man as a stage 2 goliath pre-update I had a fair fight constantly and only lost 1 time as a stage 3 (he was about the only monster I played on a regular basis). With this new update I have a super slim chance as a stage 2 and even as a stage three I have a hard time winning I would say maybe about 40% of games now. Pre-update my goliath was 42 wins 2 losses and both losses were due to extremely good hunters and one time taking control of a trapped goliath with 3 bars of health thanks TRS. Post update I win maybe 2 games out of 5 and I am really good with the goliath with they changes on wraith she is now basically worthless and kraken is probably the most fun due to the fact you actually stand a chance.


Are you freaking serious?? How the hell have they not fixed that!


My 10-cents (worthless as I feel it will be):

  1. Torvald - pull the damage and range on his shotgun down pls. He seems able to shoot from a crazy far distance and the shot of each round is just devistating (more so with his shrap gren). Either pull down the damage of each shot by around 10%, or increase the reload time so he’s not blitzing you with this.

  2. Sunny - the nuke launcher is also doing way too much for an AoE attack. She is almost on par with the assults because of it. Also her shield gen has too short a cooldown - allowing her to drop another one almost as soon as the first is destroyed. Increase CD on shield Gen or decrease its health so its easier to get rid of, and really pull down the Nuke damage. Its just too much.

  3. Crow’s slow is just too much. People are going to argue “it lasts as long as Val’s Tranqu and requires a charge between shots”. Well I’m sorry but the range on that thing is HUGE, and once hit the gun has enough time to charge and hit you again before your current slow ends. Hell - pair it up WITH Val (since they are different roles) and you’re almost unable to escape from anything. Again I am feeling very angry that TRS seems to be focusing on their finaces over gameplay. I am seriously close to just veto’ing any future release they give if this is how they consider their play-base - cash cows to be milked with Gameworkshop-codex-style releases.

  4. Slim is fine as far as I can see, though the smell grenade could prob have the raidius pulled

Can’t help but feel TRS is pushing out OP hunters just to encourage the purchase, ignoring game-play and pleasure-breaking. So now we wait ANOTHER month for TRS to get around to fixing their game AGAIN.


Well not quite. it hasn’t been confirmed. right now people are doing the rumor thing where it gets worse each time someone tells it. there is definitely a problem, but i dont think its as bad as some are saying. right now the devs are looking into it. seems to be its just harder to miss him.
i personally feel like he needs a small damage resistance since he absorbs so much dmg


I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the stasis shot is nuts. Also statistically it’s usually less profitable for a company to release over powered characters since it drives away the player base. I think they just didn’t test them enough.