T4 hunters are garbage against highly skilled monsters (video included)


Here you can see that even with everyone elite it was almost impossible to take down this Goliath in just stage one.
In several moments you can even hear the characters complaining about it.

I believe the following should be changed in order to make the T4 hunters viable for higher level play.

  • Make noodle gun do burn damage
  • Make bug man stop doing what ever it is he is doing
  • Make shrapnel grenade do more damage
  • Make Sunny less Sunny


The problem was that Crow wasn’t firing enough noodles at the Goliath and Slim needs to have his little bug on the shield drone. GET GUD.


The Goliath was to fast for my noodles! As for the bugs they kept getting swatted away :<


Goliath OP bro.


Whoever was that trapper should have just killed the monster instead of peppering it with slows. Also, how did he get to so low health if it was so hard to kill him?


What are you going for here, sir or ma’dam?


T4 hunters are clearly inferior to older tier characters. I mean look at that, If I was Griffin I could have killed him with the harpoon gun.


I wan’t T5 to have a chef character just so I have a legitimate reason to say “noodle gun”.


I don’t know what I’m watching

Is this a video on how bad the hunters are?


Sunny’s supposed to use the jetback booster on the bugs so that the Goliath can’t swat them away. Basic tactics. If the Goliath was too slow, why wasn’t Torvald shooting mortars at the walls to create rubble to make the Goliath trip into the noodles? Newbs.


You shoot like a stormtrooper.

Next time switch your gun and do some dmg. It didn’t look like anyone was even trying to kill it. Just messing with the guy.


I could have taken down this Goliath by myself with any of the Tier 4 hunters alone either your team or whoever is playing here sucks, were messing with a crappy Monster player, or they were mastery farming (Torvald’s non-stop Shrapnel). I hope you’re not being serious because this is just pitiful if this legitimately happened.


This video is posted as a joke, right? Right guys?


Is this a troll post and video or are the hunters in this video have downs?



This post kinda made me laugh
You guys were just messing with it instead of actually damaging it.
Didn’t your parents tell you not to play with your food! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@DavidThatDay there was not enough time, he could have escaped at any moment.

@LosSalvatierras The product of a premade team of level 40 players running into a level 1 who seemed to know nothing.

@Boomstick It is all authentic.

@scart101 Not enough.

@TEG I feel like suck a noob for not thinking of that.


This video is of a match were we tried to let the monster go and they didn’t really get the message.


Oh ok the whole title and lack of sarcasm detection in text confused me.


Oh I understand now. Didn’t know that