T4 hunters. (A semi-defense thread)


They aren’t as OP as people are saying. Granted, some shouldn’t do nearly as much damage as they do (Slim). But Torvald is still under Parnell in terms of damage output. Crow’s direct health damage isn’t much, and if you miss a charge shot with stasis or long gun, it’s kind of dead in the water anyway. And I see sunny like a suped up version of bucket, in that she helps the team with finding the monster but in doing so she’s leaving herself behind. However, I would like to see some nerfs, not enough to make them useless but just enough to achieve the goal of the devs, balance.

Constructive discussion please.


sunny does too much damage too fast, and slim is a combat medic hes meant to do damage, but people never use his other abilities they just spam leech gun


I am curious what statistic people are referencing when comparing Torvald to Parnell.

I am assuming it is taking into account when he uses Supersoldier

Regardless most seem to agree his mortars are currently too good

I don’t think any of the new characters are gamebreaking OP, but like you I think some tweaks could be used

I think Sunny is head and shoulders better than the other supports.
Damage reduction at the very least is needed for her gun IMO


Slim can be a combat medic all day, every day, it’s when I or someone on my team gets over 5k damage in Match that makes me think (woah this guy is in need of a nerf). Or should a medic do that kind of damage? -.-


See, my problem is I haven’t played sunny, nor seen a Damn good sunny at that.


I’ll show you a figure macman posted


It’s not JUST about damage. There’s a lot more to the game than damage.


  1. Heals himself, others, and steals health from the monster all at the same time. Apparently he can aoe heal 3 times per magazine with the correct perk.
  2. He doesn’t have to CHOOSE between healing and damaging, he does both at the same time.
  3. His scent bombs change the game from skill based to eyesight based. If you have a small monitor, you’re searching for jetpack pixels.


  1. Does Pre-nerf Cabot damage…
  2. Has Hanks Shield.
  3. Can Support AND DPS at the same time. She does not have to choose.
  4. She has her own jetpack boost. She’s literally 3 supports in 1.


  1. His bat literally provides the hunters with scent abilities and is spammable.
  2. His sniper rifles ability to shoot through armor is interesting… the damage it does with it’s high ROF is superb.
  3. His slow is the most versatile slow in the game yet.

I don’t know where to begin with him… I haven’t played him. I’m sure someone else will provide a better review.

The long story short, MOST of these hunters don’t have to CHOOSE what they want to do, and have abilities that step on other characters designs. That effectively doubles the support/damage your getting at any given time.

They may not be FLAT OUT as powerful with damage counters, but they are much more adaptable to any situation.


I can see where you’re going with sunny. Again, haven’t been too impressed by the ones I have seen.

Edit: and I did mention specifically Slim needs a nerf


hes a different kind of medic though, his description said he was a combat medic, hes supposed to do more damage than the other medics. The problem is noone else is using his other abilities


I’ve used slim with quick switch T3 and got over 6k damage while using his other abilities.


how long was the match?


I’ve shrekd the hunters with goliath, they aren’t God tier like everyone I’ve heard complain about it claim.


Give or take 14 minutes.


around that time assault should get around 9k -15k damage correct? well if they are a good assault


Not claiming they are godly. I’ve taken down my fair share too :smile:
However, they are changing the dynamics of the game; for better or worse.


Markov kept setting down mines that the monster wouldn’t hit.


Maybe the “game changing” part of them is what has everyone screaming for nerfs. Im just whispering for it. Lol


well thats just an approximate damage of assault for a 14 minute game, you said slim does around 4-6k in that time thats roughly a 5k-9k difference, he doesnt do equivilant damage to an assault hes more like just behind support, which seems balanced to me for a medic thats supposed to do more damage than others


I thought damage should fall in like, assault, support, trapper, medic? If I’m competing with support that should be a problem, as medic


yeah but slims supposed to do damage is the point, I mean if abe or griff only used their guns they might be doing quite a lot of damage, and like I said before he supposed to do damage, and he would do less if other people used his other abilities