T4 Hunter Playable Without DLC?


I figured I would post this here since I’m not sure if it’s a bug or unintended feature…

I do not own the T4 hunters, just to preface this. I’m still enjoying the original content + Behemoth.

I joined a game last night with a friend after a few players had apparently ragequit. I was thrown into the support role which was previously played by someone with Sunny. Much to my surprise, when it put me as support I suddenly found myself playing as Sunny despite not having purchased the DLC.

Has anyone else experienced this?


This is intentional. :slight_smile:

Edit: Moved this out of Bugs since it doesn’t need squishing.


Working as intended. They’re not going to stop you from jumping into a game in progress, but you won’t progress with characters you don’t own and you can’t select them.


Its intentional, TRS doesnt want you to get kicked out of a match for not owning something, so they just let you play ^.^


Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

I had a moment of anxiety when it happened, wondering if I’d get flagged for hacking/cheating or something! lol


Nah, you’re good. :slight_smile:

Since your question was answered, I’m going to close this thread.