T1-3: Increasingly specced build, Bob = mystery


I’ve found that my Stage 1 builds become more specialized as I move further up the Monster tiers, but Behemoth has me stumped.

Stage 1: Leap Smash, Charge, Flame Breath
Stage 2: 3 Rock Throw
Stage 3: 2 Leap Smash (3), 1 Flame Breath (2)

Stage 1: 2 Banshee Mines, 1 Vortex
Stage 2: 3 Lighting Strike or Aftershock, depending on Hunter composition
Stage 3: Whatever I feel like killing them with

Stage 1: 3 Redacted
Stage 2: 3 Redacted
Stage 3: 2 Redacted, 1 Redacted

Which brings us to Behemoth. Given that he is currently more buggy than an Obsidian Grub, I realize that getting a sense for his abilities is rather difficult That said, I’ve been trying multiple combinations of diverse & specialized, but nothing feels right. I’m hoping something will click once his abilities become more fluid, but figured I’d ask if anyone has found combinations to swear by just yet.


Here are the most prominent. Out of all the Monsters, I feel Behemoth improves the least by going 3 points into skills. As such here are what I find to be common.

1 Tongue 1 Lava 1 Fissure
2 Fissure 1 Rock
1 Fissure 2 Rock
2 Lava 1 Fissure

While I’m sure others use different builds, these are the ones I see crop up the most atm.


If you’re cheesing his Roll/Melee then the only abilities you need are Tongue and Wall.

I’ve settled on builds for all Monsters bar Behemoth. Currently I tend to go;

1 Tongue 2 Wall
3 Lava Bomb/Fissure
3 Fissure/Lava Bomb

Regardless of builds Wall is his bread and butter and is a must have at Stage 1 because of the sheer amount of utility it brings. Using level 1 Fissure or Lava Bomb is going to do you more harm than good.


1: 2 Rock wall 1 fissure
2: 2 Rock wall, 3 fissure, 1 lava bomb
3: 2 rock wall, 3 fissure, 3 lava bomb, 1 tongue
This build has been working for me with big ol bob, results may vary


Interesting to see his opening build benefit from being less specialized. On a related note, what do you all feel is his ‘skill shot’? I figure Tongue Grab or Lava Bombs if the latter gets fixed to behave more like Rock Throw.


I have 2 builds that I use.

1 Fissure 1 Lava Bomb 1 Tongue
1 Lava Bomb 2 Wall

The second is my preferred setup. I find that the area denial of lava bomb and the ability to cut off areas and break line-of-sight with rock wall gives me the greatest survivability if I get domed early.

The other build is a bit more offensively oriented and allows you farm wildlife a bit faster. It doesn’t have rock wall because if find that ability to be quite ineffective with just one point into it.

My stage 2 Behemoth almost always looks like this:
1 Lava Bomb 1 Tongue 1 Fissure 3 Wall


I actually think Fissure is a bit of a skillshot, hard to land but extremely rewarding when it does, Lava Bomb and Tongue grab strike me more as the “utility” abilities, like charge and leapsmash