(T-MM) Tier Concepts. Just Updated (2/3/16): Updated Paige with new Polarized Proximity Drone, started 2nd tier



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No, there isn’t a third ability yet. I’m thinking of one. The Assault drone only takes up 1 slot like daisy except you can use it to switch the drones modes.

The combat rifle is actually a ebonstar weapon. If you watch the evacuation video where the hunters win at the armory, you can get ebonstar allies and the video you see them grabbing rifles. The rifle is really a secondary weapon and fits her background. The missing weapon is going to be her primary damage dealing weapon.

Jobson prioritizes tracking over hunting. If the player who uses him knows how to hunt without the usual hunting aids, then jobson is meant to keep up with the monster location better than the other trappers. I’ll probably increase the duration of the highlight later on to increase this playstyle he has.

His gauss Grenade isn’t a slow or stun but simply increases the monsters ability cooldown times. Being able to deny the monster his primary sources of damage for a little bit longer seemed powerful so I did the times carefully.

He is missing a weapon. Still thinking of something.

This was extremely difficult to create tubes for. The possibility of abuse was high so it has a extremely short duration (but enough to matter) with a LONG cooldown.

The with trappers and medics dealing the lowest amount of damage, I felt it was appropriate enough for a medic to use if it’s overall damage output stayed lower than the trapper. It being a beam and autotargeting is actually meant to be a downside for the transporter and healing fields as it gives away the medics location easily. It may of screamed crow, but it does make sense for a medic to eventually have the same ability. You would NEVER see it on assault.

The healing generators aren’t drones like sunny’s. They’re more like larger sound spikes in design and create a weak healing field around them and can be destroyed rather easily.

The teleportation allows the medic to clutch save teammates or herself and to reposition when needed. You can use it to teleport closer to a teammate to healburst, teleport a teammate out of a monsters reach. You could also teleport out of a monsters reach if needed. A “team teleport” would be neat but I think that would be pushing it further than I wanted.

Brute honestly? Lol. Rude? You did neither. I’m glad you commented as it gives an additional point of view of abilities.


Thanks. And yea, I wanted to do something new and unique but fit the games style and lore.

You got Tenshi pretty exact right there. No explanation needed from me.

I’ll think about the weapon you suggested, or at least consider things that are exotic in a way.

His grenades don’t slow or stun but rather increase the monster’s ability cooldowns while dealing damage. The point of it is to deny the monster his primary damage dealing abilities for a short time while dealing some extra damage.

The Quantum Accelerator is designed to at least give a slight reload boost. Some abilities/weapons might get a full recharge/reload while others like class abilities usually won’t. It also has a long cooldown to prevent overusing it to help avoid constant domes or constant shielding (assault). It also doest stack with or add to other perks/buffs. The hunger will only get the highest value buff. So if the hunter you target has the 25% reload perk and you use your accelerator (10% boost), the hunter will only get his own 25%. This will prevent infinite cloak Lazarus, or ridiculous healing bursts etc.

Original I did restrict it to 3 and the field was 8meters. But last night I did a bunch of geometry and even used GIMP to recreate the dome size as a circle and created smaller circles to represent the generator fields. After a while of various positioning for the generators and even different sizes, I decided that 5 at 10meters would be appropriate with the low heal rate. It only covers a little over 1/6 of the dome.

You actually read the laser scalpel wrong. It’s an auto target beam like the damage amp and such. However, it’s meant to deal extremely low damage per second(possibly the lowest in game) as a trade off.

Left field? What? Lol. Thanks

Thanks! I hope you keep up with this thread as it will be updated and added too.

This would be a better Support weapon function, rather than a Trapper function in my mind. As the Trapper class role is find and contain/restrict its movement, I was thinking that a stunning/disorienting effect felt more in line with his role. (Slim’s spore cloud is an exception here I guess) Having an affect on cool down rates seems to me like a Support class role in that they specialise in either enhancing the Hunters or debilitating the Monster in some way.

Ok. So give Dalkin the gauss grenade, it still fits as I could say he created it. Any suggestions for trapper then to replace it? It was mentioned above that Jobson lacks a real hunt ability but has a great tracking ability.

Edit: actually I’d rather get a CC ability than a hunt ability. My games as playing support alongside Abe/Jack yesterday reminded me that even if the trapper isn’t the hunt type, but is the tracking type, then Bucket or Cabot are great hunters (what I play as with a tracking trapper)

found this little gem here.

Continuing the discussion from Crows kinetic rifle tactics and issue with charge/zoom:

with it taking around 3 seconds to do a charge shot, that gives a charged shot around 46-50dps. which means i can reasonably put Paige’s laser scalpel at about 20-25. this is also compensating for the fact it autotargets.

any comments?

EDIT: actually, i decided to nerf it a little. duration reduced from 15 to 10, damage stayed at 15.

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This is an example as to the area she can cover with her generators within a dome. altogether the area is almost 1/4 of the dome



Okay, this is a new concept i thought of for a CC ability for trapper. its strong but has a long cooldown. the numbers will definitely be adjusted.

I definitely want suggestions/input on this. The idea of it is to pull the monster into a central location slowly (almost as if your sliding backwards slowly). The best way to counteract the gravity well is to simply use a traversal or ability to gain extra ground to leave the area of influence. movement speed perks/buffs will automatically counteract it to some degrees.



for those’s who commented/liked but i couldnt get in the above post.

Seems Interesting. Maybe make Traversals the only easy way to escape?

Well, traversals and movement abilitys (charge, leap smash, warp blast) would work against it. And it has a short duration with a medium sized radius and long cooldown (I might change CD to 45 to make it a little better)

This type of CC would be best against Kraken and Behemoth while weaker against goliath and wraith.

I love the idea, just waiting to see what everyone says…

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I added greater detail to the healing amounts and increased the capacity to 800 while decreasing the range to 9meters. i also changed the mastery from capacity to radius.

So after looking over the numbers and such with Paige, unless someone has a suggestion or question about her, i can pretty much call her 100% complete as an untested concept based on numbers that i dug up and tested around (ex: creating an example of the area that the generators give).

I created mastery goals for each of her abilities.

made some modifications to Tenshi’s Combat Rifle. it has a smaller clip, less rounds per minute, but deals slightly more damage per round…

everyone is helping this guy balance

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It does help that I’m putting a lot of effort into trying to keep the concepts I’m using unique and trying to find as many actual numbers from game to balance it out better since there’s no way to actually do it


Have been busy over the weekend so haven’t had a chance to get back on this until now. For the Trapper I have a few cc suggestions which could be of use either now or later down the track. I see you now have the Gravity Well idea but figured I’d throw these in too in case you’re interested:

  1. Enhanced Stun Grenade - Based on my original thoughts regarding the Gauss Grenade, have an underslung grenade launcher that fires an Enhanced Stun Grenade. It behaves as a combination Flashbang / EMP grenade. After impacting the environment it creates a spherical, electrical discharge 6m in diameter, necessitating the need to land within 3m of the Monster for it to take affect.
    The grenade affects the target by temporarily slowing its movement, whiting out its vision, as well as separately pausing its recharge on all abilities for 2.5 seconds. The full white out and slow affects last for 1.5 seconds, both fading at the same rate until full vision and movement speed is restored after approx. 5 seconds. Only one grenade is loaded at a time making it a skill shot, and allowing the Monster a window of opportunity to get clear of the next round. Proximity airburst for aerial targets is a similar range.

  2. Surge Missile - Based on the real life Starstreak Anti-Air Missile, this weapon is a light missile system with a secondary stage that fires three mini-missiles/darts. It is an extremely fast, fire-and-forget weapon, however has a minimum arm distance of 8 meters. Designed especially to hit targets that are either close in and fast, or distant and airborne, the mini-missiles separate at the 8m mark and begin to very gradually spread apart, increasing the potential of hitting moving targets at long range. On direct impact (no proximity option) they pierce the Monster’s armour delivering a small amount of direct damage. They then release a powerful electrical charge that electrocutes / incapacitates the monster completely, during which time it looses the ability to move. The more darts that impact, the longer the affect - 1 Dart = 2 seconds, 2 Darts = 3 seconds, 3 Darts = 4 seconds.

(This would be my ideal Kraken killer here. :smile: )

Unlike Parnell’s Launcher the Surge Missile is designed to appear light and easily portable on the Hunt, along the lines of below:

What are your thoughts about the gravity well?

Man, I’m working on my own custom hunters and one of my trappers has a cc called gravity well, it works differently though, but now i feel so unoriginal… I do intend to completely steal the idea for the surge missile though, im just gonna change it a little bit, Im running out of other ideas

I don’t mind giving input on yours if you try and keep up with mine as well :smile:

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