T.Hank shield projector broken? (Not a bug :) ) - Overcharge Shield (now logged)


Yesterday I played two games as TS Hank, and found the shield projector would only fill up my fellow players to their half-way point; no matter how much I tried, I could fill up no further. Is this an intentional change to how the projector works?

Is Tech Hank's shield gun able to charge up to full bar of health?

I think it’s intentional but not sure.


This is intentional since TS Hank shield will not deplete overtime. We are working on a way to show the user that you can only fill it to a certain point.


I may think yes since the ability class of the supports now give like half bar of shield to everyone… y kno, 1 half+1 half= 1


Perfect! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!


That’s a good point: I hadn’t thought of that!


Before Stage 2 shields would fill the whole health bar (1600hp) despite only being an 800 hp shield. They now scale to the health bar. So half a health bar worth of shields is 800 hp.


That explains why Tech Hank only shields half the health bar! And here I am thinking I need to shield more and wondering why it doesn’t go higher.


Do you like you do when the domer timer is full and it shines all around. Since the user is usually focusing on the shield meter, it should give a hint that it is now full.


This means that the shield itself didn’t change but only how it gets displayed on health bar?


Yeah, for the most part. I think the values on the shield changed 50-100 health but it’s mostly how it’s displayed now.


Just for curiosity, does the support class ability overcap the charged shield by tech hank?


Yes if timed correctly.


so by exploiting it, actually…


I’d say it’s a bug but I have no confirmation.

If you charge it 100% the class ability won’t do anything but if you charge it to like 99% or less then it’ll overcharge it.


Just tested this out and it does happen. I’ll get it bugged up.