T Hank 50% shields?


To my knowledge T Hank can shield somebody to 50%. I have seen that if you get a hunter close to 50% then shield burst them you can get a bit over 50%, but not 100%. Can anybody explain to me what is going on here? The hunter in this screenshot has one strike, but throughout the match this T Hank was shielding people to 100%. Is there a trick I’m not aware of? I’m aware that this question has been asked before, but those threads are weeks old and with rapid update schedule of Stage 2 I’m wondering if things have changed. Didn’t want to mix old info with new.



It is based on flat hp shielded. So the shield is actually the same as no strike in terms of value it just shows as a bigger blue overlay because the shield is bigger compared to their reduced health total.

So shield still the same max amount regardless of how many strikes or how big it looks.


It might be that a higher capacity T.Hank can charge up more shield on people. Didn’t test it tho.


Not true, rank Tech Hank with Cap perks once and it still only lets you charge up to about 50%.

Pretty sure this is it, actually.


Alright. Thanks.


That looks more like what happens when Hank shield stacks with shield burst.


Testing shield burst for T Hank it does not stack above limit anymore.