System Requirements


Not having played the closed beta, I wanted to ask if the following system requirements are sufficient to play decently!

Processor: Intel Core i7 920 2.67 GHz

Ram: 6 Gb

AMD Radeon HD 5850

I await your information! thank you


There. You can check yourself pretty easily. Also go to nVidia’s GPU checker- that’ll tell you for sure.

Good luck, Happy Hunting, and welcome to the Forums!

#3 use the downloadable tool unless you really trust java. Its always worked for me


I used can you run, and the result is: pass: 41% and fail: 59%.

With cpu and ram I satisfy the requirements recommended, but with the video card minimums.
I can choose to take the version ps4, but I would much rather play it on PC!
For you which version should I choose?


It most likely comes down to how smooth you want it to run, i dont have quite as good of a processor as you and maybe a slightly better video card but i decided to go with ps4 because i know it will run smoothly (crossing fingers this doesnt come back to haunt me)


Pretty sure with this kind of PC,on the PS4 it will be much more enjoyable.But if someone isn’t comfortable with controllers that’s another thing.