System Link or split-screen


I have been watching this game for a bit now. I for one love monster hunter…so this game is like the next step considering the intelligence of the monster is and can be more random in some senses. So as I watch the game come out with videos and so on of the game, my biggest issue is system linking or split-screen.

I think if everyone was able to have internet sure its a great idea to not have either split screen or system link.

BUT technology and internet coverage is not that well off. How many users of xbox1 or any other console for that matter do not have the internet needed for such game play? A LOT!

I think there would be better sales knowing there will be split screen and system link due to the very fact I stated above. Along with the technical side of it, think of the social side as well. Some of my fondest moments in gaming are when I am in the same room as my friends and we had a good fight or we did a cool move or we won an epic win. It is a great way to bond and feel excited about the game with people. I want to be able to share those memories…remember that time we were at my house and we killed that monster together and it toook forever…you don’t hear people say things like “remember we were online and we killed that monster and it was epic…” I remember a time specifically in left 4 dead 2 split screen with two 360s at 9:00p.m. It was the first time we were playing and I remember almost every moment as all four of us jumped, twitched at every sound and screamed like little girls at some points in the game. I will remember it forever because it was personal.

If it does not support either split screen and or system link I will probably go from wanting to pre-order it to not getting it at all since there would be no point living in the country with slow internet and few options.


i think system link would be a great i dea. but for the split-screen i’m afraid that wont happen.
Maybe they will add split-screen later or so.


I can see pros and cons to split screen though even if it were just two player split screen, would be good for me.


I hope that split-screen becomes available. But it would not work great if one player is a hunter and the other is the monster on the same screen…


as far as split screen issues go, i don’t know why with all our new gen technology, why split screen cant be vertical so u use two TVs and then face face them away from each other. or possibly have it in the other room. split screen is overlooked allot.

multi tv usage


Not sure about the vertical split but if you use a pc and duel monitors…why not for a Microsoft product the xbox1? The question then would be…how would you do it? The auxiliary cord would have to be dueled, and not only that but it would have to know to show a different perspective than the main. It could be possible but I have never seen such a thing where the split screen literally put a second player on another tv… if they some how could do this it might leave a mark on gaming history and its so called “split screen”. I guess the biggest thing here is that, we as gamers want more than one option to play and we want to be sure that one of the options is in fact offline multi-player compatible.


Split screen is definitely not happening. It’s confirmed in this video if anyone fancies checking it out. It explains it better than I can


I know of atleast four of my friends not getting it now…


Ah well, it’s their loss to be honest :confused:. Evolve is gonna be a great game


Yeah but 1 out 5 of everyone a my friends won’t be getting it…and when I get it I’ll have to go somewhere with internet…

in a galaxy far far away… high speed internet existed everywhere…


So no split screen but hopefully local play :slight_smile: I guess if I’m lucky we’ll get 5 tvs!


All developers were singing that crap about having to render the image twice back on ps3 and xbox 360. Its Bull…if the ps4 and xbox one are SOOOO much more powerful it shouldn’t be an issue to put split-screen in the game. All developers are forgetting what made games fun to begin with…sitting on the same couch as your buddy and mowing through a story mode or coop mode in a few hours. The Moments they want to deliver would be twice as fun if we could expierience them with our wives/husbands or buddies. Thats where it all started…Super mario brothers and two controllers in same room, on the same couch…


You gotta live in the present this is the future of gaming not the past. It’s like saying you shouldn’t use smartphones because flip phone came first or you shouldn’t use flip phones because house phones came first


with the generation of xbox 360/ps3/wii spilt-screen slowly started to disappear . I can understand that the technology at that point made it difficult but none really tried to make it possible. At this point the splitscreen multiplayer is completely replaced by online play ( nintendo is the exception ) which is in my opinion incredible disappointing . To have the person you are playing with next to you is something you can’t give with online features. I would love to see at least a 2 player split-screen mode …but yeah very unlikely maybe a thing in the future… System link is something i expect.


To be honest, i think that people who get into online gaming already have the basis of what they need. will they be at the top with the bare minimum? probably not, but that doesnt mean that they are going to be incapable of fun or being able to participate.

I used to play halo 4 with 3 of my friends in the same room playing on split screen. I know how fun that can be and i hope that evolve would allow such a system ( at least for the hunters) as i feel it is important. As much as i enjoy being alone and by myself it is nice to hang out with a friend and play a game together.


I still feel split screen should be incorperated into a lot of todays games or we’ll just end up with socially inept chimp people that aren’t sure how to react when face to face and instead have to speak to each other through headsets reagardless of proximity…


All good points. Halo seems to be one of the only newer games that has supported multiplayer to its fullest extent, by making it available by online, split screen and system link. Like I have mentioned before, I atleast hope for system link if no split screen…I like games that are more fun because your in person. The whole reason I got into halo was because my friends said, "hey lets play halo, 4 tvs and 4 xb360s all in one room. Best times ever.


I would really appreciate if someone from Turtle Rock could answer this question directly. Will Evolve Support System Link? The reason why is because we had 5 TVs and 5 XB1’s under the same roof all networked properly. But because XBOX Live was acting up and also the servers for evolve had such high demand we all could never link up and Play together. Now I understand this was during a Beta so I get it but im asking again WILL THE FINAL GAME SUPPORT System LINK. YES or NO. IF no then Turtle Rock you are making a very bad decision not to add System Link even if its only for Hunt Mode because people would like to have matches at home with multiple tvs and xbox 1s. I for one will be having another lan party for evolve if this is possible please ADD system LInk. I don’t care for Split screen I like having my own screen anyway. System Link is better!!! In my OP


I wanted to include this Picture to better explain what I mean. I hosted an Evolve Lan Party to celebrate and support TRS. This photo is before the event started I was testing the network before it started but later we had 5 XB1s linked and all connected to Xbox Live! We all had Evolve Open Beta installed and working but because of Xbox Lives constant annoying service issues coupled with the huge traffic of everyone on the Evolve Servers. We could never successfully ALL join up. At most we could get 2 or 3 to link up but never all 5. And no there is nothing wrong with the network setup because we were all on the same subnet. I have done lan games many times. So the issue is if we have the ability with the final release to do System Link then we can remove this issue of servers and xbox live connectivity issues because System Link is system to system in a Local Area Network. Please TRS add System Link. Thank you