Syphr looking for a medic for tournaments


Pretty sure this is allowed in this section… If not I am sorry and please direct me to the correct.

Hello all my gamer tag is A9entOrang3 I am part of a new competitive team named Syphr. We are in need of one more member a medic preferably a Caira expert. This is why I am posting here we have found people only for them to back out for whatever reasons.

The next tournament we are taking part of is the Far Arm on the 27th of March, 12:00 pm PST. We are looking for a competitive active player who is willing to be on most nights about 9 pm EST for practice and team building.

If you are interested please message myself and the team founder UnrealGhstSnipr on Xbox One.

Thank you,
Dakotah (A9entOrang3)


Just moving your thread to the Looking for more section :slight_smile: Good luck!


Thanks Maddcow :slight_smile:

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You mean “Looking For Member”, right? :wink:

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Hi, I play medic, I am looking for good players to!! Maybe I can give it a try!!


This thread was from back in march not sure if they’re still looking for someone :s


yes probably not :frowning: